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    selling star player lors of base! jeter, bonds, arod, and more!

    I am selling these as lots. If there are players that you would like, but they are not listed here, lmk and I might be able to find something for you. Make me an offer or lmk what you are looking to pay for each card from the player(s) you want and maybe we can deal.

    chipper jones- 7
    pedro martinez- 8
    barry bonds- 11
    manny ramirez- 6
    nomar garciaparra- 12
    jason giambi- 10
    arod- 17
    vlad guerrero- 4
    randy johnson- 11
    roger clemens- 10
    griffey jr.- 9
    pujols- 9
    derek jeter- 11
    greg maddux- 8
    tony gwynn- 4
    alfonso soriano- 10
    mike piazza- 7
    ripken jr.- 4
    zito- 4
    ichiro- 6
    mark mcqwire- 3
    sosa- 4
    prior- 4

  2. Kronozio
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    Interested in the Jeter lot,can you give me a list of what they are?

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    anyone else interested? I have looked through some more of my many boxes and found many more of the players listed, along with many star rookies. lmk if you are interested in anything, even players not on the list shown.

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