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    rare sale ice premieres auto patches/10 for sell just ask what you need over 400

    hi i hard to beleive but i want sell some ice premieres auto patches /10

    ask what you need over 400 ice /10

    pls dont make me lose time you know how it hard to get make fair offer ty mathieu

    some fresh threads /10 /25 price crosby and many other

    the sale is for 2 day max i not found one but 6 whales in same time ouch !!!it a time to get what you need

    many 09-10 for sell

    pls dont ask for stamkos not for sell sry

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    any chance your selling tikhonov, boedker or hanzal? i dont know if i can afford them but will take a shot. thanks

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    You just posted this today, so it was like an 8 hour sale? lol

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    very sorry it no understanding between me and my brother very sorry for all this if you need some contact me i will see ty and sry again guy s

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