i went down to rogers arena today in hopes of getting some autographs at morning skate. Game time starts at 6 tonight..some teams have morning skates, some teams don't, if the game starts an hour before the usual time. But the Blues didn't skate yesterday, so it was pretty obvious they'd be having a skate..

anyways..i was able to pick up 2 autos
about half an hour before the team bus comes, 2 cabs pull up, and 4 players come out. The players were, Brian Elliot, Vladimir Tarasenko, Kris Russel (I think), and another guy who I didn't reconize..

anyways, so all of them stop to sign, or at least 3 of them. I head towards Elliot to get his auto, but then I see Tarsenko is signing also, so I get his autograph :)

Just wanted to say sorry to pensauto77, cuz I promised you, I'd get his autograph if he stopped, but I was running out of pucks cuz I didn't bring that many :(

next up just after all of the players on the Blues, arrive off the bus, Jordan Schroeder walks into the arena, and stops to sign on his way in.

You have to scroll sideways in order to see the Schroeder.
Next up the Coyotoes when they come near the end of February :)