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Thread: Show off your complete set

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    I have my 11-12 artifacts set here:

    I even have now three Weber /15 on the first row, patches are pretty cool.

    I lost all interest in cards recently so the set is for sale, if anyone is interested. It's sad.
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    That Parkhurst complete auto set is unbelievable. Amazing accomplishment. I am working on the Rangers team set and I thought that was a big enough project. I can only imagine how much time and money it took to complete the whole set.
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    This is the only full set I have, but I love the way it looks!!

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    i completed this set within 2years of them being released and actually pulled the gilmour. For as much money as I spent on them then, i dont think i will ever move them lol

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    Yeah, I'd be taking those to my grave :D.........those are AMAZING all together!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevhur View Post
    My only complete set

    I've been working on that set forever you know why there's only 2 dark blues?
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    Wow, those are pretty impressive. I couldn't even fathom trying to put together that Parkhurst set. Geez...

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    This is a fun thread, I'm going to do some serious scanning so that I can seriously partake. :)
    I've realized more than ever that I am and always have been, a set collector. All attempts to become a player collector have failed, and I have only recently (relatively speaking) started to collect my team more aggressively. I'd love to share some of my completed sets. Stay tuned!

    That Parkhurst set... just wow. I mean, completing the regular base auto set alone is a monumental accomplishment that many traders have tried and failed in the task, but to complete the Captains and Duals on top of that... *slow, proud standing ovation*

    And that is not to say that I haven't enjoyed the other sets posted as well. :)
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    This IS a fun thread!!!!

    I love this little set..........I had an extra Cujo, sold it on eBay for a whopping $6.00, when the guy received it he emailed me that it was such a cheesy card he'd just had to win it. I was stunned..........CHEESY??????

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