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Thread: Show off your complete set

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    Enshrined complete jersey set /9

    Enshrined complete package set /9

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    BAP ITG ULTIMATE UM3 Vintage jersey auto set /10

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    ITG UM10 Ultimate champions auto jersey set /9

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    I have tons of completed base sets, and a few insert, and parallel sets, but I have only one complete game used set.

    My 2010-11 ITG 1980's Decades Game Jerseys Black:

    Searching for: Jagr, Palffy, Stumpel, and Boyd
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    Also Looking for Upper Deck CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders Cards!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 87sluggo View Post
    I've been working on that set forever you know why there's only 2 dark blues?
    Not sure why only 2 dark blues, maybe it was hard to get jerseys from that year? Are ou abl to find many multicolour?

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    dont know how, but i forgot i completed this set. love the patches on all but nino's lol

    10/11 H&P Quad patch #/9

    Hidden Content
    Hidden Content
    Hidden Content Raymond PC stats 203/210 base and parallel, 9/16 non plate 1/1's, 43/68 plate 1/1's
    Mason Raymond #1 most want 07/08 OPCP Black 1/1

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    wow... some amazing sets here
    Looking for tough guys and fighters show me what you gotHidden Content
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