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    Havent added much to the pc but i did finally pick up a diecast i've been searching for almost 4 years.

    ---paid only $8dlvd

    then yesterday while i was in daytona for the sprint unlimited i went to the daytona flea market where they have a ton of vendors selling everything nascar, 1 dealer was selling sheetmetal and had a kyle busch complete driver side from his 2010 watkins glen car and only wanted $800 for it, i wish i had that much money to spend on it anyways i go every year and im always looking for the 1 kyle busch car that has eluded me for almost 4 years but finally 1 of the vendors had 1 and i didnt hesitate to buy it.

    -Kyle Busch 2009 Las Vegas Win QVC Autographed Version.
    Collecting Kyle Busch 2008-present
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    great adds and prices-and nice diecast!

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    I collect Jamie McMurray. I do not deal outside of the USA. I do not do Paypal, I only send cash. I only receive cash or money orders. Only ship in bubble mailers unless I have permission to send in a PWE.

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    Life is too short to worry. Bust some packs and just smile!

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