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    How do you countdown the end of an auction?

    I've been lucky in that this is the second night in a row that an auction I'm bidding on is ending. That's pretty rare. I love it. I bid early and depending on how much I want it, probably overbid. Are you a sniper or a waiter? Do you count down the seconds or ignore it completely and just check later? Any strange, lucky rituals out there? LOL

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    When I get the urge to go on eBay and buy something, I usually do it on a Sunday night. I like to bid on things that have less than an hour to end, and then I do research on what the last few auctions ended at for that particular card so I know potentially what it might go too. If I want the card enough though, i'll get it regardless of the price.

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    I need to go back to sniping, however I typically dont ever snipe on cards that will likely go for say $5. Many times the first bid or second bid will win these. Also, if the card is already at or close to what I would price it, I did not snipe in the past.

    I did lose a Gonzalez/Charles Woodson 1/1 today....three snipes in the last 5 seconds (one likely manual I imagine). Was hoping with Woodson getting the ax that packer fans might let it go to me...but no luck. (You cheese heads

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    When I venture to bid on an eBay auction, which is an extremely rare occasion, I look for auctions ending in under an hour. It is not a tactical move, rather it is an impatient move. I can not stand the waiting game. I hate waiting day after day for an auction to end. Another thing, which might be absurd to most collectors, BV/SV means very little to me when I am participating in an auction. I have overpaid for many cards that are currently in my Alan Trammell collection. I remember paying almost $30 for an on card autograph that had a $20 BV, and almost $40 for another on card autograph that had a BV of $30. I am willing to pay what a card is worth to me. I do not care what the same card was worth to the collector before me.

    -Robert Lewis

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    I usually go to the time ending soonest section and see if there is anything worth trying to win.I let my wife do the bidding as she is alot better at winning things than I am,she won me my Eli Manning topps finest rc auto for 71 dollars and a Darryl Strawberry autographed gu jersey card to 50 in a Yankees uniform for 17 dollars.I haven't bid on anything in awhile though.
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    Bidding your max early leaves you open to shill bidders or just bidders in general who will up the price higher than it would have gone had you sniped..So I always snipe.

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    I am a sniper but I have been missing it lately. Just missed an Andrew Luck Contenders variation 3 times before I just went ahead and bought it at more than 3 auctions I tried and lost. It was frustrating because a BIN came out last night at the same price as the prior auction ended and it was gone when I went back to buy it after thinking about it overnight.

    The card I purchased was a clean scan. I can't wait to see it so I have no complaints at this point. It was an established seller with excellent ratings. But I look at like this. I put together an R&S Andrew Luck crusade set with the base auto, the patch auto and the purple, green and red patch cards but that was a lower cost project that came in on budget. Do not get me wrong. I got a card that I really wanted but I have less of start to do my next Andrew Luck RC project.

    Sometimes I will put in an opening bid and stay aggressive with it but at some point I may bail out, other times I want to stamp a fair offer on the low side but higher than somebody else..This is my self described dip my toe in approach and could lead to a last second snipe attack. It gets tricky but last second sniping has treated me as well as if not better than any other method. You don't lose nothin' if just put it on watch and when that clock ticks down and things heat up in the last 60 seconds, make your move.

    It's like war in the last 60. I may pop in with a bid especially if there are a lot of watchers and nothing shaking with the current bid. I will have my sights on the end game. My philosophy relates to the last few minutes. Sometimes you just want to have the auction show its cards because one senses snipers on the parapets. Plus you want to see if there is a whale in the crowd. Yeeppp.
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    I have a ton of ebay saved searches that I receive as emails each morning. Most are related to my Marvin Harrison collection or sets that I am working on. For those, I will set snipes. For the more common items, my goal is to get them at below going market rate so I will set my snipe lower than past sales and pretty much forget about it until after the auction is over. For the rarer items, I will set a snipe but will often check back to see what the bidding is like and re-adjust the snipe if needed.

    If I feel like killing a few hours and browsing for deals. I use this site to search the ending soon items

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    you guys use sniping programs? Can you recommend one?

    I also do this - if i find an auction that will end close to the starting bid and there are no bids yet, I will go ahead and bid. I feel like if the price is already in the ballpark, the next interested party will come along and say - no bargain to be had here and pass. It has actually worked pretty well for me.

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    I always snipe now. Every time I have put in a max bid it always gets run up to the last penny I bid to and has cost me too much. I hit mine under 20 seconds left. Most that snipe only go up so much or try the next lowest bid to get it as little as possible. I have a certain amount in mind. If its well bellow it I will snipe it to max right then. I rarely ever lose out on one doing it that way. If I'm not gonna be around to snipe it I just wait till I have to bid so I won't miss out and I hope for the best.

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