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    20 Year Old Looking For Guidance...

    Hey there everyone. I wasn't really sure where to post this and I don't want to get any warnings so if a Mod see's it and it's not in the right spot please just move it! Thanks! But anyways, I am a 20 year old male whose been into cards for a while. I work hard at my real job and dedicate everything I have into everything I want. However, I've noticed that living in Westfield Massachusetts is not nearly fulfilling enough enough for me. I am looking to possibly move in the ear future and, though its a long shot, I was just checking to see if anyone on here had any work available or knew of any work available. This sounds rather crazy but I am serious. I need to get out of here while I am still young! I will prove to anyone that I will be successful and dedicated. I am in great shape with athletic abilities, great reflexes and stamina and I pride myself on my comprehension skills. Thanks for reading this and please message me if there's any sort of long shot of you helping me on my life changing journey Thanks!

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    What part of the country are you looking to move to?
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    whatever part of the country has room for me :) anywhere but here pretty much, any where that has a job for me... thanks so much for the response!

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    What kind of work are you looking at getting into?

    You looking to go to school? Get trade work? or just wing it and see what you can find?

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    not 100% sure,,, im doing my fair share of research but i may just wing it... school is a possibility for sure! i just need to stbalize myself a little more before i invest into that. i did well in high school. took ap macroeconomics and killlled it, honors chem, etc. i want to go to school and be successful. i want a career, i want something to dedicate myself too...

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    If you decide to move to the dc area I know a guy that can get you a labor job. It's not very much but it is something to pass the time. PM me if you ever want his information.
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    I ask because I have done a lot of things in my life... been to 49 states, 13 countries, toured and performed in front of thousands of people, lived the "famous" musician life ( I am a musician) but also have had to work a lot of jobs.

    With that being said, it's tough out there. Balancing WHAT you want to do with HOW to survive financially.

    I know WHAT I want to do, but that is not always the case of what I do, for I have to make ends meet.

    Choosing a job and a place to live... sometimes you just need to move and find a job and wing it. Make ends meet, and while you do that, look for something better. A lot of times you figure out what you want to do by working in jobs you know you don't want to do.

    BUT, also, where you live is key. Either go to where fam or friends are, or a place where you love... because having a good job means nothing if you don't like where you are living- it sucks you dry.

    I know that's not much help of helping YOU choose... but my "kinda advice" on sometimes you just have to wing it and while you do that (either moving blind or working in jobs you don't like) - you will find what you want to do and maybe where you want to be.

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    A few options:

    Lowes (good company to work for, you can get part time benefits and doesn't pay TOO bad)
    Staples (also can get part time benefits, not too stressful, doesn't pay THAT great)

    Retail Set Representatives

    (look for jobs that have this title, or similar. They go into grocery stores and "reset" the layout of the product. A lot of times it is a 3rd shift job, but it is a good job)

    A few companies I believe are "Crossmark" and "Paragon" for that.

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    mrveggieman i realy appreciate that. i may be contacting you within a few weeks with request for the info. i am very appreciative thhat you took time to help me. thank you

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