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    I never really had any issues with Picasa. I liked it, and the layout was pretty good, too.

    With the new PB, it is still in it's Beta testing phase. Why they chose to release it, and make it darn near mandatory, is unclear.

    When the Beta is done, all of the organize features will be back up and running, and the site will be MUCH less buggy and laggy. (techincal terms, obviously) I HATE the new PB myself, but the more I use it, the more I get used to it, and it will definitely be better when the old organize features are back and you can change the orientation of the pictures. I definitely don't like how it crops the image if the card is not horizontal.
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    I am heavily invested in photobucket and the SCF inventory system. The only reason I continue to use photobucket too is the versatility in creating collections and grouping cards. I also find that by using the tags function in photobucket you can create the same search functionability that SCF has.
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    SCF Inventory works best for me. Easy to add cards, put scans of your cards and search. I use to link on other trading sites. That way it is not linking directly to this site. Seems to work fine for me.

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