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Thread: big topps magic lot fs

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    big topps magic lot fs

    take it all this for the price of a walmart blaster...20 bucks

    Blue Minis 76,89,147,149,216,261

    Black Minis 79,90,195

    Minis 2,7,10,15x2,29x2,37,38x2,41,49x2,51,52,54,58,61x2, 62,67,74,79,84,91,112,117,123x2,125,127,132,133,13 4x2,135x2,137,140,141,152,153,159,160,161,162,170, 171x2,172,185,189,192x3,196,197x2,201,206,207x2,21 3,215,216,218x2,247,255,257,270,271,274

    Rookie Enchantment.. andrew luck, trent richardson,lamichael james, doug martin x2, michael floyd,luke kuechly,morris cliborne, mohamud sanu, stephen hill, kendall wright x3,

    chrismatic cc-rj cc-msj cc-rw x2 cc-ns cc-mc cc-vj

    supernatural stars ss-dj ss-af ss-gj ss-ad ss-lf ss-pr ss-rr ss-ms ss-jfl ss-mfr ss-cj ss-cjo ss-msa x2 ss-jn x2 ss-jj x2

    magical moments mm-tt mm-mjd mm-db mm-ab mm-dm mm-ds mm-ja mm-ss mm-ar x2 mm-cn x2
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    How much for the rookie enchantments? I'm trying to get all of those

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    not breaking it up right now...wanna sell as a lot..if i break up i will let u know

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