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Thread: 2012 Contenders for sale/trade

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    2012 Contenders for sale/trade

    Got some Contenders for sale
    PWE for single card, ok
    Multiples go in bubble mailer
    Larger lot= Better deal
    Single card= close to ebay

    Looking for:
    Matthew Stafford
    Brock Osweiler
    Russell Wilson

    2012 Contenders auto #178 Rhett Ellison (variation)
    2012 Contenders auto #106 Bobby Rainey (variation)
    2012 Contenders auto #106 Bobby Rainey
    2012 Contenders auto #189 Terrance Ganaway
    2012 Contenders auto #136 Josh Cooper
    2012 Contenders auto #24 Chris Givens (rookie ink)
    2012 Contenders auto #232 Brian Quick on card RPS x2
    2012 Contenders auto #210 AJ Jenkins RPS
    2012 Contenders auto #234 Jarius Wright RPS 64/99
    2012 Contenders auto Chandler Jones Rookie Stallions Platinum /25
    2012 Contenders auto #115 Chandler Jones

    2012 Contenders gold die cut /100 Benard Pierce
    2012 Contenders Playoff Ticket Joe Flacco /99

    MVP die cuts
    3x Ray Rice
    Aaron Rodgers
    AJ Green
    Matt Ryan
    Tony Romo x2
    Tom Brady

    Rookie Stallions
    Morris Claiborn x2
    Chandler Jones x2
    Robert Turbin
    2x Benard Pierce

    ROY Die Cuts
    3x Janoris Jenkins
    Benard Pierce
    Ruben randle
    Alfred Morris
    Ryan Tannehill
    Morris Claiborne x3

    Kurt Warner
    Terry Bradshaw
    Phil Sims
    John Elway
    Deion Branch x2
    Tom Brady x2
    Emmitt Smith x2

    Also got a box worth of base that i can throw in some of your set needs if you order some stuff

    2011 Contenders
    2 full sets available!
    Ryan Taylor auto
    Alex Green auto
    Austin Pettis auto
    Ryan Whalen auto
    Quinton Carter auto
    Marcus Gilchrist auto
    Armond Smith auto
    Titus Young auto x9
    Andy Dalton rookie ink auto
    Got lots of inserts also if looking to build the sets

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    I could use this:
    2012 Contenders Playoff Ticket Joe Flacco /99

    PWE price would be great. I have these for trade though if your interested. Thanks

    2012 Limited Percy Harvin 22/25
    2012 Absolute RETAIL Matt Kalil 112/399
    2012 Limited Matt Kalil 174/299
    2012 Limited Christian Ponder 40/399
    2011 Limited Donavan Mcnabb 366/499
    2011 Limited TJ Yates 120/499
    2011 Limited Brandon Harris 5/499
    2012 Limited Arian Foster 43/49
    2012 Absolute RETAIL Tommy Streeter 392/399
    2010 Prestige Brandon Graham 995/999
    2012 Absolute Gridiron Force James Laurinaitis 38/100
    2012 Absolute Spectrum Gold Josh Cribbs 08/25
    2012 Absolute Spectrum Silver Dwayne Bowe 19/50
    2012 Contenders MVP AJ Green 49/100
    2012 Contenders MVP Tony Romo 62/100

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    How much for the Chandler Jones base auto pwe?
    Hidden Content

    Rohan Davey PC 230/264 (non 1/1)
    Amir Sadollah 77/84 (6/29 1/1's)

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    Looking for
    Bobby Wagner
    Bruce Irvin
    Russell Wilson
    Brock Osweiler
    (Matthew Stafford)

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    price on the cooper auto, aj jenkins autos individually please

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    PM me on the Dalton Contenders Rookie Ink


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