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Thread: Looking for a resale lot

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    Looking for a resale lot

    As the title states looking for a nice resale lot. I am getting my taxes on Wed and will have a decent chunk to spend. I am not looking for ebay prices. I am looking for below ebay prices. I need room to make something off them and not go into the hole. I have around 4-500 to spend. Let me know what you have. I will have money Wed morning as my taxes should be direct deposit by then.

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    bump - nobody wants to sale anything? I have plenty of money

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    bump - made a nice deal on a basketball lot, would like to pickup a nice football lot to resale. If not will go on ebay and find one.

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    depends on what you have an what your wanting to let it go for. Fees on the bay have became stupid.

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    Its weds day you get your money

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    Hey, check out my updated list, I provided a link below, also my bucket is up to date and easy to navigate, no sub albums or anything, PLMK if you see anything you have interest in, I just got back into the hobby after money troubles forced me to sell now I need paypal to keep new stuff coming in! PLMK if you have interest in anything,I gotta work 4:00 - close EST time but I will check this out as soon as I get home if I dont here from you before I leave, Thanks!!!!!!

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    bump - still looking Please have scans and price. Not looking for ebay looking for under. Thanks

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