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    Thumbs up Pack Break: 12-13 Artifacts (Make up by Upper Deck)

    Hi, alright so back in December I started dabbling in the hobby again after like 20 years. I had decided to never buy any packs because I thought they were too expensive and didn't want to try my luck so I decided to just focus on buying single cards I liked. But New Year's Eve day I was out downtown and wanted to check out this card store I had been eyeing online and while I was out I figured what the heck, I'll try a pack maybe I'll get a nice patch card...

    Well it turns out I got a Patrick Roy horizontal jersey/jersey /36 which I was QUITE happy with. The thing is this pack only had 3 cards! So I was like what the heck? Apparently 3-card packs are not unusual but if I'm paying for a pack of cards that says "4 Cards Per Pack" then I expect 4 cards for my money, hit or no hit. So I contacted Upper Deck and sent in the wrapper and copy of the receipt as they requested and mailed it off. This was back in early January.

    Now this was no longer on my mind anymore, hadn't thought about it for weeks. Today this package comes in the mail and I was expecting something to arrive but when I finally went to open it I saw it a US address and again I was like what the heck? (Because I was expecting something from Canada). So I open the thing and I see this plastic case, still having no clue what it was or who it was from, and this case had a pack of the Artifacts cards stuffed inside. Only then did I remember and I was like oh yeaaaaaaahhhh......

    Busted the thing open (yes I know this is a VERY long story for a single pack cards but hey I like to be descriptive)......and saw this thick white thing excited thinking maybe it was hit but then was worried it was a decoy even though it looked like it had a regular card back (the way I had opened the pack and taken out the cards I could see their backs). The thing is I could see 4 other regularly-sized cards and their backs but the thick one had a back I was like HUH going back and forth in my mind (it's a hit! but it can't be there's already 4 cards! but the thick card has a card back too! but it can't be there's already 4 cards!) knowing that a pack is only supposed to have 4 cards. Turns out they sent me a pack with FIVE cards to make up for the one card short and to top it all off this thing was inside!!

    So THANK YOU Upper Deck!! If they had sent me anything even 1 card would have sufficed but they really went for the heart with this one and even though sometimes they disappoint, they outdid themselves here as far I'm concerned! :D
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    So let me get this straight. You bought a pack which contained a nice memorabilia card of a great player, were 1 base card short, and you called the company to complain? There's no making some people happy I guess..

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    And if You looked carefully at my post mr wog, you would have seen that I am happy. :D
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    I understand your missing a base but I dont really see how it's worth complaining about seeing as you got a nice hit. In my SPX pack I got a dual patch of patrick roy/ Ray Bourque...but it only had one base. By what you got maybe i'll call and get a Gagner 1/1... Lol.

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    I already explained it, "if I'm paying for a pack of cards that says "4 Cards Per Pack" then I expect 4 cards for my money, hit or no hit."

    If I got a George Parros jersey then it would have been ok to complain???? Ridiculous. Why should I let a company get away with shorting me a card. They advertise FOUR cards. It didn't say "maybe" 4 cards. Is this how UD makes money off people's back, by shorting them?

    You should complain, it's YOUR money, you paid for a certain number of cards.

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    I believe on some products on the back of the pack that packs with a memoribilia card may contain less cards.....
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    I fully agree with the op, if ud/panini wants to decrease the amount because of a hit then they should put "you will get on average x cards"

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