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Thread: Worst call ever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by golfermatt91 View Post
    Bad calls happen, unfortunately, I read where the ref commented and he said he thought that the nashville player passed it to him. Clearly it wasn't a pass.
    Yes sir you are right there!lol So many times I have seen bad calls, mishaps and blown calls change games. Just part of what happens in all major sports!

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    This has to rank high up there in missed hockey calls with the Brett Hull (non)goal.

    Thought I would share this funny picture I saw on Twitter earlier.
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    I dont see how anybody argues that this wasnt offside. The body language of both duchene and the goalie were really awkward lol

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    Obviously ole Barry should have thrown his challenge flag on that one...:P All joking aside if they had 2 per game, that call could have been reviewed and over turned in 20 seconds, probably less time time than the refs got yelled at by the coach.
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    Bad call- yes. Worst call of all time - not even close.

    For some of us "older" folks, will remember the early 80's Finals between the Flyers and Islanders. Go to Google or Youtube and look it up. There was an offside "not" called when the Flyers cleared the puck (the puck was at least 2-ft out) but Andy Van Hellemond and his corrupt crew never called it. The Isles turned the non-call into a goal and the entire series turned from there.

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    That's really borderline. I imagine it falls under the "at the discretion of the official" suffix on every rule. One of those where it wasn't offside because the official decided it wasn't offside. In my opinion, if it has been blown down, Avalanche fans would be mad. It wasn't Nashville is mad. Could go either way so there's really no right or wrong call, only the call that was made.

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    Brett Hulls Foot in the crease has to be the worst call of all time

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceRat View Post
    wrong forum unless you have knowledge of that play making its way onto a hockey card

    and what goes around comes around
    go to :20 left in the video to see the injustice of 6 days ago

    wrong forum??
    this is hockey chat....

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    Just a brutal call.

    I don't think that even the most incompetent/blind/paid-off/corrupt WWE official would even get that wrong.
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    The replay showed nothing close to Borderline. It was 2-2.5 feet off-side.

    Now, what irks me is Referees. The head Referee is responsible for his crew. It's the head Referee's job, not to defer, but to make the call when or if his Linesman is out to lunch.

    There are 2 count 'Em, 2 Referees on the ice. You DO NOT defer, you see your Linesman mess, up, you blow your bloody whistle.

    For Shame.

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