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Thread: Worst call ever?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdiam View Post
    Bad call- yes. Worst call of all time - not even close.

    For some of us "older" folks, will remember the early 80's Finals between the Flyers and Islanders. Go to Google or Youtube and look it up. There was an offside "not" called when the Flyers cleared the puck (the puck was at least 2-ft out) but Andy Van Hellemond and his corrupt crew never called it. The Isles turned the non-call into a goal and the entire series turned from there.
    In terms of the impact the missed call had, I would agree that it wasn't the worst of all time as other teams have been knocked out of the playoffs and even lost to the Stanley Cup because of bad officiating. However in general it has to be up there in blatantly obvious non-calls.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wickabee View Post
    That's really borderline. I imagine it falls under the "at the discretion of the official" suffix on every rule. One of those where it wasn't offside because the official decided it wasn't offside. In my opinion, if it has been blown down, Avalanche fans would be mad. It wasn't Nashville is mad. Could go either way so there's really no right or wrong call, only the call that was made.
    Avalanche fans can get as mad as they want but I'm sure most would accept it and the team when it was that obvious. Everyone on the ice (besides the refs) had to know that the goal shouldn't have counted and you can even tell Duchene even hesitated a bit right when he received the puck before he continued his play and scored. There are far worse cases where goals have been called back and I'm sure in this case most fans would understand that it couldn't count.

    Because of things like this, I think coaches should be given one challenge per game so they could dispute a goal. If they use their callenge and the challenge is verified as correct, they keep their challenge to use again. If they are wrong, give the the team a delay of the game penalty. That way the challenges aren't used like candy because we all know how annoying it is for a game to be stopped for a goal to be reviewed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    The replay showed nothing close to Borderline. It was 2-2.5 feet off-side.
    Except that the position of the puck is not at issue. If that was the issue, it would not be close. The issue is who put the puck into the Nashville end. If it was a Colorado player, then it's offside. If it was a Nashville player it's onside.

    So where Duchene was when the puck crossed the line doesn't matter if the official thought the Nashville player put it into his own end. Anyone with an understanding of the offside rule knows this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bojohnson View Post
    wrong forum??
    this is hockey chat....
    yes, it was in the wrong forum when posted and then moved here by a mod

    and in honor of your testiness, here is one of the worst calls of all time

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    Now, what irks me is Referees. The head Referee is responsible for his crew. It's the head Referee's job, not to defer, but to make the call when or if his Linesman is out to lunch.

    There are 2 count 'Em, 2 Referees on the ice. You DO NOT defer, you see your Linesman mess, up, you blow your bloody whistle.

    For Shame.
    Actually, Kerry Fraser has already handled this one over on TSN. I highly recommend the "C'mon Ref !" column he does on TSN.CA if anyone here doesn't already read it.

    The Referee is prevented from making any calls regarding off-sides and Icing. Unless something happens wherein the linesman is incapacitated and/or otherwise physically prevented from making the call, those two things are the sole pervue of the linesman, for better or for worse.

    That said, while it is clearly offside, I can understand why the linesman made the call. Until I went and read it specifically because of this incident, I would have said that the fact that two Nashville players touching the puck between Parenteau and Duchene would have made the play on-side. After all, those Nashville players now become the primary reason the puck has entered the Nashville zone, etc.. etc.. Turns out it's one of those times where re-directing the puck doesn't constitute possession, therefore it was never a "pass," therefore it's offside.

    Now, all that said... even with a little Buffalo bias there's really no question that the worst call ever was the Brett Hull No-Goal. This call might have swung momentum a little bit, but in the end it wasn't even the deciding goal in a regular season game, as opposed to an illegal goal being allowed to end a Stanley Cup Final series.

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    I can honestly say I had never seen that goal of the Jets player reaching around and legally placing the puck in the net with his hand ever before. My first reaction was just laughing and saying no way that could possibly count, was half expecting the Hanson brothers to come out and make sure the refs paid the price on that one.

    But I do agree with the Hull goal being garbage. As soon as he scored it I told my girlfriend at the time that there is no way its over yet. And then seeing a replay I was million times more positive that it was more than obvious and everyone would feel like idiots when they had to get the game back up and running again. I was so dumbfounded at the time when they just kept going with it.

    You know its a terrribly missed call when they have to amend the rule book before the start of the next year

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