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    05-06 Topps set for sale or best offer.

    I have the whole set of 05-06 Topps cards. LMK if you want to buy them or trade for them.
    Buy- .25 for each card + shipping.
    Trade- LMK what you have for trade that I need. I don't want any base unless it's of one of the people I collect that I don't have.
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    I will sell each card individually if you want. come on nobody wants the whole set.

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    I will take The Iversons and Wades

    How Much ???????????????????

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    if you want I can do 10c. per card. I can do the 10 cents per card for the whole set. LMK thanks.

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    no that would end up being $70-$80

    I could by a factory set for less. I don't want to buy any topps even packs. But I want the Iversons and Wades.

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    ok 5 cents per card 250 cards that comes to 12.50. LMK if you can do this. thanks. and 10 cents per card would come to 25.00 not 70.

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