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    Cool 12'13 Panini Absolute Mem. Basketball Box Break *FULLY LOADED MOJO - BEAT The Odds!!*

    Went to the LCS a few days ago, but before I get to my asinine box break, I picked up these Jimmer Fredette & Jared Cunningham autos for $15.

    So I then bought my LCS' last box of 12'13 Absolute Memorabilia. Since YouTube doesn't recognize my cam anymore (mind you it works for other websites, I guess it's "old technology" for YT?..) I'm unable to record anymore box breaks. I went to my friend's on Friday night to watch the Rookie/Sophomore game and would bust the box there. It sucks I wasn't able to record this but 2 of my friends were there and witnessed this...

    Kobe Bryant "Anthology" Bonus Pack:
    From left to right = #199, #175, #117, #79, #36

    Pack #1:
    Base Cards: Gordon in his new Bobcats uni., although he may be a trade deadline participant for disrespecting Coach Dunlap..

    Autograph Card:
    Bill Russell "Heroes" Autograph Card #6/25 (My first pulled Russell auto and second overall)

    Pack #2:
    Base Cards: Harden in his new Rockets uni. and Ilyasova base, ftw!

    Autograph Card:
    John Jenkins RC Auto. Redemption Card... It sucks that it's a redemption card..

    Pack #3:
    Base Cards:T-Time has a base card?! Cmon, tell me there's a Mullens base too at least..

    Autograph Card:
    Kobe Bryant "Heroes" Autograph Card #39/99 (I swear to you, I'm not My 2nd pulled Panini Kobe auto.)

    Pack #4:
    Base Cards: Sammy Dalembert has a base card too!? And Linsanity in his new Rockets uni.

    #'d Base Card:
    Oscar Robertson "Retired" #187/499

    Autograph Card:
    MarShon Brooks Auto. RC #194/299 (Not for nothing but he signed this sticker quite nicely, my first auto. of him too. Happy I pulled him, think he has a lot of potential if he could get some PT or traded)

    Yup, that's 4 autographs, I did not pull a memorabilia card! I jokingly told my friends that I should call Panini and complain for not getting a memorabilia card, lol. Definitely a top 10 box bust for me, I only wish all of you could have the same luck I did.
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    Great break. The Russell and Kobe are from a great set!!!
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    Russell and Kobe autos? What a killing! And I agree with you about MarShon - he's a playa. Just needs more time.
    gone and done -- fun while it lasted

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    Quote Originally Posted by DunkingDurant35 View Post
    Russell and Kobe autos? What a killing! And I agree with you about MarShon - he's a playa. Just needs more time.
    NO doubt, u killed it. wish all box breaks were close to that

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    Great break!!! That Russell auto is sick!!

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    Wow! Great Russell. Would love to get my hands on that.
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    That was a great box. You did beat the odds with all autos, and two of them was Kobe Bryant and Bill Russell. Very nice

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    Nice that it definitely a solid break. Did you notice that the Russell is numbered to his jersey number?

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