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    Panini Hockey Classics Signatures 12-13 from 180 to 120$ in 3 months...

    What do you think of this product?

    Can we compare this to the UD artifacts and SPGU?

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    Considering that both those UD products are very memoribilia based (those are the 'hits' that the products are known for) and this one is mainly a retro-themed autograph product.... I would say no. Not even close to similar products.

    Not surprised on the price drop though. Classics was an attractive looking set (I really like the design) but not nearly enough bang for $180 box.
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    Where can I get this product for $'s alllllllllllmost palatable
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fleury14 View Post
    this was predicted by, well, everyone... ; )
    Why Panini do this? I wait for black football to go down again, from 200$ to 170 to 160 to 150 now... 125 in a few days maybe, what's that? They want to lose costumers or what? I didn't understand the strategy.

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    Panini isn't lowering the price, stores have to because no one is buying it at it's current price.

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    If it is, stores profit margin are too high. 100$ a box seems to be the trend standard, definitely too high. They lose kids in the 90's and now, people look at you like an UFO when you collecting cards. lolll. Himself killing or players associations and professionnals leagues ask too much?

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    This is not unexpected. I am still looking for some base cards from this set, so hopefully with the lower prices, we will see some more breaks.
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    Not suprised. Still think it's overpriced @ $120. Cool design and idea, but from the breaks I've seen (not many), it isn't worth over $80 IMO.
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    I can see these boxes going down to $60-$80 in the future. It is a nice product but doesn't really appeal to most current collectors who want the patch and rookie cards.

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