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    Anybody use

    I'm not sure what the site is for but there is a card on it I need.

    Any help would be great.

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    I checked out the website. I'm getting the impression that its a work in progress. For one, it says this on the RHS

    Leave your e-mail to get a free invitation to at the moment of its opening.
    Second, its basically a huge checklist right now. It lists every card in all those sets. Its very unlikely that all of them belong to someone right now. Frankly, it looks like the ones you posted a while ago:
    (far right is my best guess).

    Still, you're the expert on this not me, so I will offer up this info. A WHOIS search revealed that the site owner's contact info is:

    Registrant Organization: Maksim V Buzulukov
    Contact E-mail:

    This is public info, so its safe to post (I hope). You can view it here with phone number in case you speak Russian:

    Why not try contacting the gent to see where he got the photo from?


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    Thanks for the info. I'm in search of the number gold 1/1. I've never owned it and now I know it exist.

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