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    Hobby Store Website For Sale -

    Hey everyone, I purchased this domain name and hosting for 1 year last September, and the client I was working for backed out, thus I must sell the rights to the domain name and transfer the hosting. This would be a great way for a programmer/web developer who also dabbles in the hobby to do something with sales online, if not, any Joe Schmo looking to get away from all the extra fees of Ebay/COMC/Paypal, etc...they can then build their own domain...

    Not really sure of price. I know what I paid for it, and it is a great domain name for a hockey related business. Offers via Paypal in USD funds are accepted.

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    Bring this back up to the top. I am also a web developer, so a further business opportunity may be available.

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    Hockey collectors/dealers. This is a great business opportunity to increase your profits and eliminate those ebay fees.

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    The site is currently under my name until I believe it is the end of October 2013. I will confirm that information tonight. If any one wants to purchase just the site and the hosting until then, I can give it up for $80.00. If any collectors or dealers out there need a web developer for this site, please let me know and we can figure out a proposed business project if you want.

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    Bump it up once again, this isn't as expensive as people may think, for the entire year, for hosting and domain is $60.00 with the not so good Web Hosting Services companies, and the top end, like Host Gator is about $90.00. You have until September left on this site, so make an offer.

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