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    The Big Bang Theory Seasons 3 & 4 Case Break

    My case finally arrived and just got done opening 4 boxes so far. Will open some more later tonight and over the next few days.

    Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) Costume Autograph A2:D
    Ladies Of The Big Bang Theory Oversized Authentic Wardrobe Card Redemption R6
    "Excuse Me, Madam" Yellow Printing Plate
    Howard/Raj Dual Costume Card DM-04
    Danica McKellar (Abby) Autograph
    Ian Scott Rudolph (Captain Sweatpants) Autograph
    Penny's Blue Floral Tank M-03
    Howard's Blue Shirt M-05
    Bernadette's Floral Shirt M-07
    Amy's Blue Plaid Shirt M-12
    Bernadette's Red Scarf M-13
    Raj's Red Jacket M-28

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    Great break man, awesome hit with that Parsons auto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Last Dragon View Post
    Great break man, awesome hit with that Parsons auto.
    Thanks, hopefully my other 8 boxes have some big hits in them also.
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    Opened a few more boxes and here are the results. My last three boxes will be opened tomorrow.

    Carol Ann Susi (Voice of Mrs. Wolowitz) Autograph
    John Ross Bowie (Barry Kripke) Autograph
    Laurie Metcalf (Mary Cooper) Autograph
    Aarti Mann (Priya Koothrappali) Autograph
    Christine Baranski (Beverly Hofstadter) Autograph
    Howard/Bernadette DM-06
    Leonard/Penny DM-05
    Penny;s Pink Pajama Pants M-21
    Sheldon's Green T-Shirt M-19
    Leonard's Blue Shirt M-20
    Sheldon's Green T-Shirt M-08
    Raj's Brown Shirt M-17
    Howard's Purple Shirt M-25

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    Great stuff! Are you trading/selling anything you get?

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    the parsons is probably the only of the big 7 you will get

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    they have been falling one per case, but you cannot go wrong with that being your #1 card

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheIronHorse4 View Post
    Great stuff! Are you trading/selling anything you get?
    I sold the redemption card on eBay. Mostly everything else is not FT or FS. I do have a lot of 8 autographs under my other eBay account (greenlizard2012).

    I also opened all the other boxes last night. Will have scans of what I pulled.

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