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Thread: Is this card Fake?

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    Is this card Fake?

    Not making accusations so i am not excusing the seller of making a fake card this just looks suspect here are the reasons
    1. It is /49 wouldnt a sheild be lower
    2. It is the old reebok logo NFL equipment sheild
    3. There is a Light blue around it like off a Giants Jersey

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    it looks like a tag, like on the label
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    that's from the tag. Its a Reebok tag which isn't from 2012 so unless panini made a mistake, highly possible, its fake. Either way that isn't osweilers

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    they don't manufacture logo tags. That's copyright infringement.

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    It's def from a tag, not sure which jerseys they wore at the premiere. You can always email panini and see if they used any Reebok jerseys at the premiere.

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