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    Never thought i'd ever get a fighting chance at getting one of these cuts...

    My overall goal is to one day have in hand an authenticated autograph of every hall of famer, both builders and players. I've been lucky in my in my quest so far, already having found a Lord Stanley for my collection. There are a group of elite old timers that i just don't expect to ever grab without spending a mini fortune, let alone just be lucky enough to get a shot at any of them, so when one pops up i make an attempt to buy it. Tonight was one of those lucky nights. After a short negotiation, i am now the official owner of this card...

    Dominion Cyclone Taylor Cut auto!!!!!!

    Next up, Lalonde, Vezina, or Morenz!!!! god willing i will have time to accomplish my goal, likely being the only 26 year old in the market going after strickly the old timer stuff. Thanks for the look!

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    Huge addition Isaac. Amazing looking piece

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    Holy Mother, Isaac, that is just so HUGE. And it's a beautiful card to boot, not like some paper cuts.............A little painful that they cut the Fred W out of it tho. Congrats mannnn!
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    Congrats on your pick-up. A few more Taylor's have surfaced over the past few years but he's still not an easy auto to get. Have you already got a Bill Barilko auto in your collection? - he's another "not easy" auto to obtain. If/when you go for your Morenz (just my two-cents) but try and get the full cut signature, where he actually signs it "Howie", as opposed to just "H." - they are considerably more difficult to obtain.

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    Awesome card. Good luck searching for the rest of your HOF autos.
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    Very Very impressive.

    You said next was possibly Vezina. Does he even have a cut auto out there?


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    Yes they exist, just not many out there. No i do not own Barilko, never had a good shot at grabbing one. As for Morenz i had a shot at the Enshrined one, he signed H Morenz, and also the auto was over red bacground so the auto wasn't that clear. I'd be happy with any Morenz cut i can get tho, not many options out there in the card world. I do own backup cuts on papers sticks and programs that i bought off classic auctions, so in 10 years if i never find any i can always hire someone to design cards i'd put my own cuts in the cards then get the authenticated.

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    Super nice pickup but, I can't stop staring at that Orr card avatar of yours!!!
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    Thats a great negotiating for a Vezina as we speak...Great pickup

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    If you ever get 2 Vezina's don't be shy to share! lol good luck with your card. Anyone see the SGC 7 Vezina rookie on classic auctions right now? Now that is a solid investment for those who can afford it. Thats a little outta my range still :(

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