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Thread: Huge wantlist

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    Huge wantlist

    Looking to trade for the following

    Lebron - gu, autos, some rc's and inserts
    Carmelo - autos, some rc's, gu, and inserts
    Wade - gu, autos, some rc's and inserts
    Kobe - autos, some rc's, gu, and inserts
    Shaq - autos, (and stadium club beam team rc)
    Duncan- autos, some rc's
    Dirk- autos, some rc's
    Iverson- autos, some rc's
    Garnett- autos, (and Finest rc)
    Jordan- gu, autos, rc's and some inserts
    Amare - autos
    1986-87 Fleer rc's

    lmk what u have and what u want for it. I might have something u need that's not listed on my site. Thanks.
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    99-00 SP Authentic Baron Davis RC /1500

    I've got a bunch of iverson, wade, dirk, and jordan inserts. some are on my tradelist. here are some more off the top of my head:

    99 topps dirk rc
    03-04 topps dwyane wade rc
    96-97 bowman's best kobe bryant rc bgs 9
    lot of 10 jordan inserts

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    i like ur:

    2003-04 Bowman LeBron James BGS 9
    03-04 Fleer LeBron James RC
    03-04 Topps LeBron James RC


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    I have an amare 03-04 authentix auto #/225 BV is 50
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    jyosi - what u want for it? BTW do u have a tradelist??

    b_ballerjake - Could use some of ur stuff, what u want of mine?

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    allstar---like your Duncan (if it is a duncan auto), and your Yao's

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    jyosi - pm sent.

    b_ballerjake - lmk if u want to do something.

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