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    A new company for submitting cards for autograph certification (Not PSA/DNA)

    Hello, Last night i read about SGC., i have never heard about this company before, but from what ive read so far, it looks like they are a very, very serious and legit new player in the game to challenge psa/dna for king of they hobby. they seem that good based on what i am reading so far. as long as they keep their prices low, have a very quick turnaround time and had good hard quality cases that will stand the test of time. i think they are on the verge of something great. one think i like already about them is that if an item doesnt pass, then you get credit for it. psa just keeps your money..which is not right! so, so far it looks like they r going to be the best next thing for autograph authentication. im going to send in a dozen cards or so and see what comes back )speed, quality of cases, i just hope the dont become the next GAI as i literally have tens of thousands of autographs to send in to the right company. anyone hear of this? any thoughts? they r located at , and ive noticed a ton of SGC authenticated cards popping up more and more on ebay. prices are usually ALOT cheaper than psa..your thoughts please.

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    SGC the grading company? If so I would trust their autograph certification. Can't hurt to have another player in the authentication market in my opinion.
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