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    anyone else notice this about other EBAY sellers?

    ive been selling on ebay for a long, long time and it just dawned on me, that customers that complain the most are other ebay sellers! its almost never just a regular customer and always another power seller or top rated seller or seller that sells sports cards. they seem to know the system and are always so whiney , needy and complainy, it seems like we are our own worst enemy sometimes. why would another seller do this to a fellow ebay seller? your thoughts please

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    You can check my ebay i have had great success over 15 years.I hate to say this but it boils down to schoolyard jealousy.How else can it be explained.I have had 2 negatives in that span and both times were from other buyers who bought from me and tried to resell product.For some reason they were not happy guess they could not resell the items and got into a spat and left a negative.Ebay is becoming petty but they are the best for market traffic so your kind of stuck
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    very true...i just think it sucks that other sellers who know better acting the way they do or asking the questions they ask, that as sellers they should know. for example, where is my card its been 2 days since i paid for it and it hasnt arrived to me yet. ....well how about checking the tracking number i sent you bozo! or....the best is..i received the card you sent damaged...but i want to keep the card but want you to refund half my money back! card must not have been too damaged that you want to keep it...then they relist the card and sell it! i use to send in a pwe..then sellers would say they never received the card, then they would sell it two weeks later in their ebay store! my favorite is a negative i received when i thought id be nice and send some FREE cards....really your going to leave negative feedback for cards that you didnt even pay for and were sent to you for FREE as a gift? im dealing with one now saying shipping is waaaayy to slow 9even though i shipped the day he paid) i checked his selling feedback and guess a seller he was a bunch of neutrals and negatives for delivery speed and bad packaging! i truly believe that other sellers are most of the time the worst customers!

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