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    Cool check out my eBay auctions!!! SCF members who win an eBay auction get freebies !!!

    Here is a link to some items I have on eBay, if any SCF member wins an auction of mine on eBay I will include some FREE RC's and/or Inserts and maybe even free Autos & GU if my inventory allows me to do that at the time of your auction win!!! As a SCF member, just PM me here on this site the link or item that you won on eBay so I know to add your freebies!!! I send within 24 hours of receiving payments so send your PM here as soon as you send payment so I get your freebies in there!!! THANKS FOR THE LOOK !!!
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    bumping this up, fixed the link to my auctions so all is good, check them out and get your FREEBIES SCF MEMBERS !!!

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    another bump on these, adding more tonight so keep checking back!!!

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    bump this up!!! I have some auctions ending tonight so check them out and place a bid, win an auction over there and get some freebies cause your a member over here!!!

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    some auctions ending tonight, I will start more auctions as the night goes on, remember SCF get FREEBIES so PLACE A BID !!!

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