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    Panini Peek: 2012-13 Crusade Basketball

    Hardcore hoops collectors will have the opportunity to embark on a bona fide collecting quest this summer when Panini America releases the premiere edition of Crusade Basketball, a product that delivers a bold new twist on the popular Crusade insert program that first appeared in Donruss Baseball and Rookies & Stars Football way back in 1998.

    2012-13 Crusade Basketball begins with a refreshingly uncluttered base-set design on a 100-card checklist that includes 15 Rookie Cards. Accenting the base is a 100-card base Crusade parallel and two 25-card base inserts Nobility and Royalty. The product also delivers two 100-card autograph inserts (Quest Autographs, Majestic Signatures) and two 100-card memorabilia inserts (Quest Memorabilia, Majestic Materials).
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    Too many parallels than seems necessary, but I am glad they at least streamlined the base and rookie set.
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    "But perhaps the most compelling part of 2012-13 Crusade Basketball is the other Crusade chase: The 300-card gem featuring a familiar design, printed using Prizm technology and incorporating Blue,Red, Purple, Gold, Green and Black versions.
    Each box of 2012-13 Crusade Basketball (six packs per box, five cards per pack) will deliver three autographs, three memorabilia cards, six Crusades and six additional inserts. "

    So in other words, "Totally" Certified and Prizm had a baby and out popped this new crap. Panini doing what they do best, being original (sarcasm)
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    The product would be huge in baseball if Panini had a full license. Crusades were very popular in baseball but they really didn't do much in football. Without Jordan the basketball version will just seem "incomplete".
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    That A. Davis card is nice, the base set of an all white card looks like countless others of their product. I agree with Dunkin that 6 different versions of each card seems a bit to much. Glad not to many rc's as well. DO they really need to have two 100 GU sets? Haven't gu ran it's course? The base and 2 inserts sets look the exact same LAME.
    What I'd really like to see is three less product and quality on the others. Something like 3 low-end, 3 mid-end, and 3 high-end.

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    I thought Panini couldn't possibly roll out a product worse than contenders, but wait along comes Crusade! The design is like they combined basketball cards with affliction t-shirt designs, thanks Panini.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duke74 View Post
    I thought Panini couldn't possibly roll out a product worse than contenders, but wait along comes Crusade! The design is like they combined basketball cards with affliction t-shirt designs, thanks Panini.
    LMAO, U should post that on their board.

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    I wish Upperdeck had this license!

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    Liked how the durant jersey card looked. Other than that, it's just another random product from Panini
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