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    $1000 in Hobby Play Money... What product do you buy?

    I just won a $1000 gift certificate to Blowout Cards through one of their promos, and now I'm clueless as to what I want to do with it! I've never won any of their contests before, and trust me, I have joined plenty!

    And you don't need to give me the whole Ethics 101 lesson. I understand some possibilities seem a little misguided, but I've never won one of these things before, cut me a break...

    I've gone through tons of options, heard a bunch of premature suggestions and here are some of the better ones to possibly go with:

    A) Buy myself a case under $1000 or spend a little more of my own money extra and get an even nicer case...
    1a) Resell the case on eBay?
    1b) Bust the case until I hit the case hit, and sell remaining boxes?
    1c) Bust the whole case and sell everything that isn't PC? (Jets/Knowshon/D.Brown)

    B) Buy myself a bunch of different boxes, and then keep all the PC cards and sell the rest on eBay

    C) Run a team break over on Blowout, and use the gift cert to pay for the boxes/cases, and then just keep all the participants cash/paypal for myself.

    D) Just buy a bunch of boxes from Blowout and then relist them on eBay at a competitive price and get as close to the $1000 in cash I can just from re-selling the unopened wax.

    E) Keep the gift certificate for their March Madness promo coming up and try and double/triple up, etc

    F) Only spend part of the gift certificate with any of the above options??

    Unfortunately, I am leaning with probably the dumbest of all the options... I think I am probably just going to buy myself a good amount of 2011-2012 boxes such as Chrome, Inception, Contenders, maybe Five star (but for $385 I feel like just going with 4 boxes of inception at the same price is basically the same thing)...

    Thanks for all your help... Any questions, comments, suggestions and opinions are highly appreciated! The good, the bad, the ugly, I want to hear it:smokin:


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    If you need money option c , if not nat treasures comes out soon get as many boxes as you can
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    Football doesn't come out to the end of March... Unless you're talking Baseball, in which I haven't dabbled in, in a few years.... But at a pre-order price of $335 and a guaranteed on-card auto, booklet and 6 other GU/Autos (8 total!), it seems like that price is going to SHOOT up real fast, if I know anything about the hobby

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    wow grats my friend
    you should just buy what you want to buy
    get a lil info on a few things and just do it >>.thats my 2cents and again grats >.bee

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    That's what I'm thinking... I opened one box of 2012 topps chrome and some packs this year, and really had a good time with that....

    I'm thinking:
    3 - 2012 Topps Chrome FB @ 120 each = $360
    2 - 2012 Playoff Contenders @ 140 each = $280

    and not sure what I'm gonna do with the last $360... If I can get a box of 2011 Topps Five Star for $360 I might do that... Then again 4 boxes of something like 2011 inception is actually less than the cost of 1 2011 five star according to their website...

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    Haha trust me I know! I don't want to get too much chrome though and pull a really great auto in the first couple boxes and then have 3-4 boxes in front of me that likely don't have much in them...

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    I would definitely buy some boxes of whatever brands interest you most. I don't think buying boxes or cases to resell is even worth the effort. Especially when you get them in front of you and you want to crack them open!

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    That is expensive for Chrome, I picked up three boxes when they were 70 and I got nothing decent. I never understand the major love for chrome, maybe because when I break it I just pick some bad boxes! My favorites this year are Crown Royale, Limited and Contenders.

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