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    I honestly got a box of Chrome this year when it first came out for $55!!!! Yes FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS at my LCS... I also got like 2 packs of certified, 2 packs of platinum, 2 packs of finest, a couple packs of 2009, 2010 and 2011 chrome, and spent like $120 total... Now I'm thinking about spending that much on a box of 2012 chrome alone....

    I LOVE Limited... It's one of my favorite products ever year (besides maybe 2008 when they had the high quantity pack format instead of the 1 pack of greatness)... But right now Blowout is out of stock...

    As far as Crown Royale goes... I like it, it's just I don't think there's much value to be had there... Nobody collects those crown inserts. I just don't think much of them, and don't really like the design to be honest... But the silhouette autos are pretty awesome... The thing is though, even the base Luck/RG3 autos /199 (or something like that) are barely going for $150 if you are lucky! So to break even on Crown is almost impossible, unless you get one box and hit a sweet auto... You buy more than one box, and you need to hit a GREAT auto in one box, and at least a 30-50 dollar auto in the other one....

    Contenders is actually a product I have NEVER opened... I actually always disliked Contenders... Maybe because from 2009-2012 the only products I were buying were from 2009 and 09 Contenders suuucked a fat one... But for some reason the market is crazy for contenders, and now with all the crazy photo variations and SP's and SSP's and SSSSSSSP's, it seems like it would be a fun and worthwhile product to bust...

    Certified kind of laid a fart this year... Busted like 3-4 boxes so far, and my best autos were like LaMar Miller, Stephen Hill, Ronnie Hillman, and Dwayne Allen....And with 3 game used and only 1 auto a box, doesn't really seem worth it...

    Anyone have any thoughts on 2012 Strata or Inception?

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    Yea Certified should have at least had two guaranteed autos instead of getting 3 jersey cards in each box! The Clear Cuts in the Strata are really neat looking, especially if you hit a patch version!

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    I wouldn't do 2011 Inception, unless its your favorite brand. The dinged cards and the high numbering seems to show in the selling of them. That's what it seems like you'll ultimately be doing with non PC stuff.

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    I would say I agree about 2011 Inception but out of the 1 box I ever opened of it (last week), I pulled a Colin Kaepernick 1/1 Rookie Card Letter Patch Auto....

    So I don't know if I should take that as a sign to stay away, because I can't do any better than that with 11 Inception, or if it's a sign of more things to come... Who knows, more Kaepernick? I don't think I want to sell the Kaep 1/1 alone on eBay, so I kind of want to get a little bit more of his stuff so I can put together one hell of a lot on the Bay....

    Thanks for your opinion though man, I'm taking this all in before I make a final decision, I'm in no rush

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