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    Anyone buying for shows or something? Possibly getting out for a while. Selling

    Could use some money for bills, new baby, etc. Looking to get out for a while. I have lots of nicely graded cards, some nice AP stuff like spa and topps chrome rookie stuff, as well as a few select other rookies. I'd love to make a large deal and than hang onto just a select few for one of my sons or another rainy day. Please pm me with a list of stuff you are interested in and maybe we can make something happen. Thanks

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    thanks for the PM's.... still looking to sell some or close to all of my stuff except for a few PC items i'd like to hang onto.

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    Please pm best price on red ap rc, spa ap, and favre rc 9.5
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    pm me prices on the each graded ap rc, bradford purple, gronk 9.5, and the payton 8 please

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    PM me a price for the Payton, Unitas, Gronk, Payton/Forte dual.
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