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    Scanned roughly half of my Auto'ed vinatge card collection! hand signed old cards!

    I recently purchased a huge collection of signed card, all obtained in the 60s, 70s, and 80s by a collector who consistantly attended games and hung around after games to get the players to sign his cards. He ammassed over 10,000 signed singles, and luckly i was able to win both his Topps and OPC lots. I have since broke everything up, sold off what i didn't wanna keep and put others out on consignment. This batch makes up roughly half of what i kept. I plan on slowly sending the multi autos and the Orr Gretzky and Dryden's to get authenticated, as well the deceased player signed cards. So here's the goods..

    My photobucket will not allow me to post the pics directly on the thread, so here's my photobucket link...sorry!

    Lmk what you think! I will post the rest if i get 15 comments! lol thanks!

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    You will make a lot of us jealous with that bucket!!!
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    Your Bucket of Vintage memorabilia is insane....some great MTO cards in there

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    Fantastic pickups - definitely exceeded my expectations!
    Looking for: Panini Prime Colors, One-Timers and Jumbo Patches!
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    Amazing lot. Love the dual auto's on the early 80's stuff
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    Erik Karlsson/Marian Hossa/Billy Smith/Curtis Lazar Rookies

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    Looked through a bunch of scans, and they're absolute beauties!

    Lesser name player, who died way back in the early 80s, but have to ask - did you come across any Autos of Don Ashby in there?
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    Sorry not sure, if he was in any of the 70s sets than i likely did, problem is i sold off everything already

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    The collection of hand-signed cards you have is absolutely awe-inspiring! The 42 or so cards you have posted are top-notch players and is impressive in it's monetary value, but to think of 10,000(!) hand-signed cards? That original collection was just a collector's masterpiece. Bet it was a good investment in the long run.

    BTW, the rest of your collection is "impressive". I put that in quotes so it sounds absurdly understated. You've got a lot of really, nice, limited cards! Thanks for sharing it!

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    You should update your bucket I own at least 3 of the cards in there now.

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