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    Quicksale! Colin Kaepernick Auto BELOW EBAY!! + CK7 RC!!

    Take this for $52 PP gift or $53 goods dlvd, its below the last five Ebay sales dlvd. price is firm and fair.

    Take it from me, Thanks!

    CK7 RC Auto /599!!

    Also not pictured but included will be a Colin "Hot Rookies" RC

    To prove this is below ebay, here is a link so that you can see that its less than the last 5 dlvd that have sold
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    Yeah but they prob for like 40 with feebay

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    true, but as the saying goes a card is what the buyer pays for it, so the buyer still paid that amount, its not like they had to pay less. Yes the seller didn't get as much, but with the price that im trying to sell at the buyer would pay less than what the past 4 buyers have paid for it. Also that's why I'm trying to sell here and not on there.

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