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Thread: lebron or kobe

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    lebron or kobe

    WTTF a nice lebron james auto..if i cant get one of them i would settle for KObe...

    ill trade either one or both of these if necessary but luck will be harder almost impossible to get off me unless you have something super nice for it..not messing with wants are very scans shouldnt be to much to ask for..lebron or kobe thats all

    /30 andrew luck

    /49 robert griffin III

    also have this to throw in if interested. durant rc auto

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigp621 View Post
    How much cash for the durant?
    pm sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue_white_ignite View Post

    Any interest?
    ya some interest, depending on what ur wanting in return. lmk

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    What trade value do you have on each of the three? Please let me know and I'll send you a scan of my LBJs.


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    I also have a bgs 9.5 topps chrome lebron RC #111 . Interested in teh bobbert griffin, and the durant...would probably need multiple cards but let me know ur prices.. looking for Jordan on the LBJ patchTimeless Memories Chronology Canvas (Silver On Canvas Autos; both Mint/Gem)- Kobe Auto #55/992011-12 Ultimate Collection Illustrious Signatures LeBron James 6/15 [Jersey Number]
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    i can use the durant chrome ref bgs if you are willing to trade it.

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    up for today. am going to a card show on sunday..this may be your last shot at these cards..lmk

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    pm sent - anyone else??
    Quote Originally Posted by blue_white_ignite View Post

    Any interest?

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