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Thread: Restoring My Faith In Humanity

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    Restoring My Faith In Humanity

    As some of you know, I've had some bad luck with some dishonest people over the last few months (2013 has been really bad) so I figured I would share a feel good story.

    So I made an ebay sale when 2012 KO came out, shipped the same day as I received payment (as I usually do) and received feedback a week as usual right?

    I got a ebay message from the buyer a month later saying that he posted the feedback in error and he still hadn't received the cards. I didn't really know what to think of it but I just found another copy of the cards and shipped him a message a week later saying that the replacements were received and that was that.

    Here we are (8?) months later.....I get an email from the buyer saying my packaged FINALLY arrived and he wants to return the cards to me! How cool is that? After all this time, he could have EASILY just kept the cards but this guy was honest, contacted me, and wanted to make it right.

    Just a little reminder that there are a good number of honest people out there

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    Good to hear brother! There are some good peeps out there and I'm glad you're getting the extras back. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pureownageization View Post
    Haha nice bro, can I ask what it is?
    I don't even remember to be honest with you. I think the biggest card was a 2012 KO Wandy Full Contact (Got $50 in auction)

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    Even though I believe that people are basically, it's nice to hear that belief reinforced!

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    I had cards never come once and buddy refunded me a month o 2 later package came in and I re paid for them and that was that.

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    That is really nice to hear.
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