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    3 packs of totally certified. I see green 2nd day in a row

    malcom Lee
    Miles Plumlee red

    Peja Stojakovic looks to be 4 clr patch 3/5.

    Staying with basketball since that's where my big pulls have been from.


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    thanks bro. I hit the Blake Griffin yesterday.Then a Kyrie auto the day before. Sticking to hoops all the way lol. Football has been a bummer lately

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    Nice patch....guess they have to go with whatever they have in inventory. Otherwise, the decision to include Peja in the set in a uniform other than the Kings or Mavs is strange.

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    I would have liked the card in his kings uni as well. I am not going to complain since these greens sell for stupid money

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    sick peja...u pull any jeff teague base in there?
    Currently shipping to US only.

    Pascal Siakam PC: 101/473 - 21%

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    thnaks - sticking with hoops. Its my product and I hit better from it. I bought 8 packs 20 a pack 1 box and 2 packs is what it comes out to being. Hit a Kyrie, Blake and Peja. Opened contenders football and prizm and got killed lol.

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