Looking to Buy/Trade for Base Set Parallels
( Have Limited Interest in Insert Set Parallels)

Parallels are distinguished by color/ serial # or other terminology

Examples: red/blue/gold/platinum/emerald/ruby/sapphire/silver etc etc

serial# /100 .../99 ../25 .. /75 .. /50 etc etc

first day issue/ artist's proofs/ electric ice gold / refractors etc etc

I will trade Even BV for BV for many parallels but the the majority I would expect the trade to be in my favour .. 1 1/2x ... 2x ...3x and even more depending on what parallels we are dealing on

I prefer to trade...but will offer part paypal or even all paypal depending on the deal

I prefer to deal in bulk lots...as big as possible...please don't waste your time sending me offers for 1 or 2 cards

I have special lists of GU/Auto and RC for trading for Parallels

So lmk what you have for trade/sale and let's make some deals

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