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    Post First Look: 2013 TRISTAR TNA Impact Wrestling Live

    TRISTAR‘s next TNA wrestling set arrives on March 27 with a few surprises, plenty of autographs and a few firsts.

    Like the first dual autograph of Hulk Hogan and his daughter, Brooke.

    The 2013 TNA Impact Wrestling Live product will be limited to only 100 24-box cases with every 20-pack box containing three autographs, one memorabilia card and three parallel or short-printed cards.

    Each box also will include one multi-auto card among the inked offerings and for the first time, the company says, it is offering cards with 10 and 12 autographs on a single card. TRISTAR also is producing cards with three, four, six and eight autos as well. Each will be numbered to 99 or fewer copies with five versions to chase. Another autograph element in this one are Impact Inscription cards as well, which will include an extra inscription and be limited to 50 or fewer copies.

    Also to be found are 1/1 printing plates — two per case — as well as autographed plates, while memorabilia fans can find autographed mem cards, jumbo mem cards and quad mem cards. Popular star Jeff Hardy will have a series of memorabilia cards with swatch windows cut to spell his last name.

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    i personally like the style of the autos n relics
    2017 WWE Women's Division
    Jason Giambi/Kris Humphries/Tyler Wilson

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    I like the style and variety of colors of these cards. Hope they stick with this idea for the product.

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    They look like some really nice cards...Ed

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    Im gonna need to see a checklist of autos before I change my mind on TNA Cards. There needs to be a lot less knockout autos before I buy another box.

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    dont really like the design. they remind me too much of tenacious. and i didntnlike tenacous at all. they were too glossy and a lot were damaged in boxes. im a sting collector and i didnt bother getting any sting autos from tenacious. didnt like the design or picture they chose for him. and i really dont care for the image they used on this one either.

    i like the idea of the 10/10 autos. but instead of front and back id like to see a booklet auto.

    i like the 7 hits, but only 1 mem card? was hoping there would be 2. too many parallels are being counted as "hits".
    ive felt for a long time the relics could be so much better. tna's ebay account has been selling used ring gear of kurt angle and other stars. even turnbuckle pads. they have sting gloves on here. i wish things like that would get put into mem cards instead of the industry standard shirt swatch.

    i woulda much rather seen a "reflexxions 2" or something like that. bc imo that is their best set.

    i also noticed that these ones arent as limited as past releases. which means these will be floating around for a while. there was only 1800 boxes of tenacious and theres still tons available. theres gonna be 2400 boxes of live.

    i also feel these cards should be released before the tna lockdown ppv. bc if bully, brooke, or hogan, end up in aces and eights that night, its gonna kill the bully/brooke/hogan combination cards.
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    i like that hogan/brooke auto, i think the design looks OK very similar to reflexxions. well no more Flair autos ...........

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