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    i belive its around 30.

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    Great interest in Yanks, Ravens and Celts.......

    WILL ONLY TRADE TO United States and Canada without prior APPROVAL!

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    would you sell?
    Quote Originally Posted by 90sTriplets View Post
    Sorry I'm not seeing anything I could use right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 90sTriplets View Post
    Yes. Which card is it?
    Here is the scan:

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    Hey Terrell!! First Off I'd Like To "WELCOME" Ya To SCF. Ya Came To THE BEST Trading Card Site On The Net. I Have These Card's If Ya Could Use Any. Looking Forward To Getting A Trade Worked Up With Ya.

    '12 Topps Magic "Supernaturals" #SS-MR Matt Ryan

    '08 UD "StarQuest" (Green) #SQ22 Matt Ryan

    '08 UD "StarQuest" (Silver) #SQ22 Matt Ryan

    '08 Score "Decals" Matt Ryan

    '08 Topps "Turn Back The Clock" #1 Matt Ryan

    '08 UD Draft Edition #74 Matt Ryan RC

    '08 Sage Hit "Teammates" #52 Matt Ryan/Andre Callender

    '08 UD "Potential Unlimted" #PU27 Matt Ryan

    '08 Press Pass Reflectors "Collegiate Leaders" #59 Matt Ryan

    '08 Sage Hit "Standouts" #63 Matt Ryan/Brian Brohm

    '08 UD Draft Edition "College Greats" #CG2 Matt Ryan

    '08 Press Pass SE "Insider Insight" #II-27 Matt Ryan

    '08 Press Pass "Trophy Club" #52 Matt Ryan

    '08 Press Pass #12 Matt Ryan RC

    '08 Press Pass "Power Picks" #102 Matt Ryan

    '08 Press Pass "All-Americans" #84 Matt Ryan

    '08 Press Pass SE #12 Matt Ryan RC

    '08 Topps Progression #172 Matt Ryan RC

    '08 Topps #331 Matt Ryan RC

    '08 UD Hereos #180 Matt Ryan RC

    '08 Topps Kickoff #166 Matt Ryan RC

    '08 Press Pass SE "Class Of '08" #CL-1 Matt Ryan

    '08 Sage Hit #12 Matt Ryan RC

    '09 UD 1st Edition "Bombs Away" #BA-21 Matt Ryan

    '08 Topps National Chicle "Youngsters Of The Gridiron" #YG-16 Matt Ryan

    '09 Prestige "League Leaders" #25 Matt Ryan/Steve Slaton/Eddie Royal/Matt Forte

    '09 UD "Draft Class Of '08" #297 Joe Flacco/Matt Ryan/Darren McFadden

    '09 Bowman "All-Star Alumni" #AA1 Matt Ryan

    '09 Bowman "All-Star Alumni" #AAC1 Matt Ryan/Mathius Kiwanuka

    '11 R&S (Green) Ser#07/25 #6 Matt Ryan

    '11 Topps "Toppstown" #TT-29 Matt Ryan

    '11 Topps Legends "Aspiring Legacies" #GL-MR Matt Ryan

    '11 Topps "Faces Of The Franchise" #FF-rw Matt Ryan/Roddy White

    '12 Crown Royal Holo DIE-CUT Ser#063/149 DeMarcus Ware

    '12 Crown Royal Holo DIE-CUT Ser#071/149 #126 DeMarco Murray

    '12 Crown Royal "Majestic Motion" #21 Demarco Murray

    '12 Topps Magic "Supernaturals" #SS-JW Jason Witten

    '12 Topps Magic "Supernaturals" #SS-TR Tony Romo

    '12 Topps Magic Mini Blue #84 Miles Austin

    '12 Topps Chrome X-Factor #14 Miles Austin

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0764/2012 #82 DeMarco Murray

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0399/2012 #31 Sean Lee

    '12 Prestige "Stars Of The NFL" #42 Tony Romo

    '12 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor #134 DeMarcus Ware

    '12 Topps "Prolific Playmakers" #PP-MA Miles Austin

    '12 Gridiron Gear "Monday Night Hereos" Ser#09/25 #25 Felix Jones

    '11 Sage Hit "Artsitry" #46 DeMarco Murray

    '11 Gridiron Gear "X" Ser#01/25 #83 Felix Jones

    '11 Topps Platinum (Green) #79 Felix Jones

    '11 Topps Legends "Gridiron Legacies" #GL-RS Roger Staubach

    '10 Playoff Contenders "Super Bowl Tickets" #13 Chuck Howley

    '10 Classics "Fiftieth Anniversary/Cliff Harris" #24 Cliff Harris

    '09 Gridiron Gear "Rivals" #9 Jason Witten/Brandon Jacobs

    '09 Topps Chrome Refractor "Chicle" Ser#075/199 #C59 Jason Witten

    '09 Topps National Chcile Mini #C160 Tony Romo

    '09 Topps Kickoff Stars Of The Game" #SG14 Tony Romo

    '08 Topps "Pro Bowl/Hawaii" #297 Tony Romo

    '07 Threads "Generations" #G-10 Tony Dorsett/Julius Jones

    '06 Topps "Topps True Champions" #16 Emmitt Smith

    '05 Topps Bazooka #205 Marcus Spears RC

    '03 Topps #372 Jason Witten RC

    '00 Donruss "Zoning Commission" Ser#0265/1000 #ZC-4 Troy Aikman

    '00 Pacific "NFC Leaders" #2 Troy Aikman

    '00 Skybox "Preemptive Strike" #8P Troy Aikman

    '00 Skybox Comics "Superlatives" #8S Troy Aikman

    '98 Bowmans Best #62 Troy Aikman

    '98 Edge Supreme Season Review "Gold Ingot" #40 Troy Aikman

    '99 UD MVP "Drive Time" #DT11 Troy Aikman

    '99 UD Encore "Seize The Game" #SG-23 Troy Aikman

    '96 Donruss "Press Proof/First 2,00 Printed" #42 Jay Novacek

    '96 Playoof "Trophy Contenders" #2 Troy Aikman

    '96 Classics "Clear Assets" #7 Troy Aikman (Phone Card)

    '96 Select Certified Edition "Silver Script" #116 Troy Aikman

    '96 Classic "Visions Signings" #29 Troy Aikman

    '96 Score All Sport Plus Checklist "PPF Gold" #100 Troy Aikman

    '96 Fleer Ultra Sensations (Gold) #25 Troy Aikman

    '96 Fleer Ultra Sensations (Blue) #25 Troy Aikman

    '96 Collector's Edge "President's Reserve" #44 Troy Aikman (Card is See Through Clear)

    '93 UD "Season Leader Touchdowns" #425 Emmitt Smith

    '89 Topps "1988 NFL Rushing Leaders" #219 Herschel Walker/Eric Dickerson

    Thanks, John
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    Quote Originally Posted by akaus21 View Post
    Here is the scan:

    As big of fan of The Playmaker I am I'm going to have to pass on that one, My Irvin PC has to be NM-MT. Thanks though!

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    All are being updated....

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    Hey Terrell!! Sent Ya A PM Back & Just LMK What Card's Ya Would Offer For The Cowboys Card's Of Mine Ya Want. Looking Forward To Getting Us A Trade Worked Up.

    Thanks, John

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    I like the following from your bucket.

    Ryan Mathews Crown Royale Majestic Jersey/249
    Ryan Mathews Totally Certified Jersey/199
    Supercollecting: LT, Antonio Gates, Hakeem Olajuwon and Jose Canseco
    Will trade for: Nice Chargers Autos/GU
    Want GU/Autos Chipper Jones
    Also looking for... 2012 Topps Olympic Team cards that I don't have yet
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    Welcome, could you provide info (card # year) on that Marino Playoff Prime please? Thanks
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    can use the fitzpatrick call oll captains gu cmb hope we can work something out tks
    hope we can make a deal
    all trades sent in padded mailers and d/c.
    will not leave you feedback if you do not leave feedback for bucket:
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