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Thread: UK Cats fan stuck in Iowa

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    UK Cats fan stuck in Iowa

    Just joined yesterday. Expecting snow tonight. Nothing better to do while I wait for the wife to get home. Started collecting late 80's. My son and I would spend time together at LCS. His first "special card" was 91UD baseball Michael Jordan insert. Still have it. Decided the collection would be for his kids one day. Quit collecting after he was killed by a drunk driver on his 17th birthday, April '05. Gave most of our collection away this past Christmas to some nephews and kids of friends and co-workers. Saved a few sets and cards that he enjoyed. Decided to start dabbling again. A pack (or 10) here and there, keep a few cards and give the rest away to kids. IMO they are what cards are all about. Now i mainly give the cards as gifts for good grades, birthdays, etc. Still have a very small collection, building it slowly. Will give to potential grand kids if my daughter decides to bless us with them. Old enough to be a grandpa, young enough to deny it. Time to break out the snow shovels. Looking forward to potential trades and interactions. God Bless and please don't drink and drive.

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    Welcome to the site and welcome back to the hobby. So sorry to hear about your son. Again, welcome to the site.


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    Hello Richard
    Welcome to SCF, Enjoy the site and have fun

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    Welcome to SCF and hope you enjoy it here. Sorry to hear about your son.

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    As the others have said sorry to hear about your son. Hopefully, you will find a great place to help build the collection or just find items to give away. Thanks for the great introducion. Need help with anything just ask.

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    Hello, and welcome to SCF...

    -Robert Lewis

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