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Thread: Value in a Rare Beliveau card

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    Value in a Rare Beliveau card

    I would like the opinion of my fellow collectors on the upside value of a 2011 UD The Cup Nameplate of Jean Beliveau, #1/1. I know there has only been 1 other nameplate of Beliveau I think in 2007. What is this card worth at an uppermost level if I was to sell ... understanding several have been posted for $14K and some players sold for ~$5.5K.

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    Do you Habs a picture?
    Looking for rare guy lafleur items, and HOF game used nameplates.
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    Honestly, at this point if anyone offered me over $5,000 for ANY 1/1 I would take it in a heart beat.
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    Are you talking about a jersey nameplate? Or a stick nameplate?
    Looking for rare guy lafleur items, and HOF game used nameplates.
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    I don't think you would get 5k for it but with 1/1 you can never tell if one person would click on a button. Mainly I collect Habs and I live in Montreal. While Beliveau, most collector want to have some, it's not a player they will activly collect like I coolect carey Price and Patrick roy as the main focus. Most collector tend to collect player they saw play and unless like me you saw it play the interest is there but often not as a primary player one collect. So if I spent 200$, that would be the max as I rather get a nice carey Price, Roy or Dryden if I had this much money to spend. The most I paid is 2,600 for a 1/1 and this was really a special and rare auto of Dryden. Now when you look at all the different Beliveau cards you do have a lot to choose from.

    If you look at recent sitck nameplate on ebay, one sold over 1,000 only and it's Malkin a player many collect. The idea is the less potential buyer you have and with a big choice of cards to buy, it reduce the number of potential buyer. But it only take one. My guess would be that if you get over 1,000 it would be good but I don't see sell over 2 k. The best way to gage buyer is to list high with taking offer, then wait to see what the offer will be.
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