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    Would like to sell some stuff from my bucket

    Feel free to nose through my bucket and lmk what you like and I'll see if I cant work out a deal with you. Im really only looking for PP right now but if you had something nice enough w/some PP for something it my work as well.

    WARNING: MY PC VHTG IS EXACTLY THAT! = VERY HARD TO GET! Most of my favorites are in there but some I could deal.

    Not looking to sell these just yet unless you made me a good offer on them:

    Luck auto
    AP auto
    LT auto
    Brees auto
    Peyton auto
    Russell auto
    Dez auto
    Alfred Morris auto
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    What kinda price do you have on these
    Broyles contenders
    Irvin Contenders
    D. Bowe Playoff ticket
    Irvin Absolute

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    Quote Originally Posted by texastexanCC View Post
    What kinda price do you have on these
    Broyles contenders
    Irvin Contenders
    D. Bowe Playoff ticket
    Irvin Absolute
    Id like to keep the Irvin Contenders but could do these:

    Irvin Absolute =10 dlvd (last went for 11 dlvd/two at BIN/OBO at 16 & 11 w/shipping)
    Dwayne Bowe PO Ticket /99 =2 if purchased w/another card/3.50 dlvd alone (no others listed/only one sold at 4.49)
    Broyles Contenders =9.50 dlvd ( last few have sold at upwards of 11.50, 7 and 8.28 w/shipping)

    I like the Broyles alot so if not Im still happy lol

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    Hey thanks, Really looking for below ebay, a few of the irvins went for 4-6 dlvd, and the broyles contenders have sold for 4-7 dlvd, and ive had a ton of pc purchases so im a little tight on funds, any lower?

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    let me sit on it for a minute. I looked up ebay prices on those and held them lower than there avg lately. Contenders is a hot product and I hold them near and dear as they are one of my favs. Spent waaaaay too much money on a box. Dont think I'll do that again.

    18 dlvd for all three. its not alot of savings but best I would do as I'll save them to throw them in a lot sale down the road as I need to try and ramp up my trade bait and 2012 stock. If I can sell some more stuff tonight Id be more apt to let them go to compile a descent amount of funds.

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    Help me raise funds for my contractors license, insurance and bonding please!!

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    Interested in the Osweiller GG, Blackmon Certified.

    Flickr: Hidden Content
    Everything is available except for PC
    Don't like a price, feel free to make an offer!
    If you don't respond to me then don't expect a response the next time!
    Sadly, I'm done with this hobby.

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    probably gonna hang onto the Os's for future hopes. I always tend to get rid of good qbs too early so Im reversing the trend. lol Not sure what the Blackmons are going for? Can you make me a fair offer dlvd on it please?

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    how come its so much harder to get any deals done or get exposure here than on BO? I sell stuff 10 times faster there. Just curious.

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    up again for seirious buyers only please. No low ballers. Not looking to fire sell. I need big amounts of cash to kickstart my business,
    Please feel free to ask any questiions

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