Some of u know me well enuff & know I don't drive and have epilepsy.
Tonight sucked.

I had a seizure @ work tonite about 7:00.
I finished work @ 8:30.

As I left work, I almost got hit in parking lot by some showoff teens!!

To top it off...I was walkin' down the hwy when a truck came along & asked how far I had to walk yet.
I said, "Lil over a mile!"
Lady said, "Oh...lil ways yet, huh? Ok!!"


Minnesota's not the warmest place in the world!!

Got home about half hr later & passed out in recliner(seizures wipe me out).
I woke up w/2 cats on my chest!! LMAO

Had a bit to eat & headin' to bed.
Usually up til 5 or 6, but this guy's drained!!

Hopefully I'll wake up to a mail day!!!
Take care!!