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Thread: I CANT SLEEP. Lets trade

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    I CANT SLEEP. Lets trade

    I can't sleep. I want to trade. Take a look at my list.

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    are all those RC's on your site under football bowman chrome?

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    ok well i only need this

    04-05 Bowman Chrome Robert Gallery RC

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    I'm not sure because I dont have a football beckett at this time. I'm not big into football. I think it either books at $6 or $8. I got it because I'm a Iowa Hawkeyes fan. But I would be willing to trade it. Any Troy Williamson Rc's? Or any current Vikings RC's?

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    current vikings RC's -

    Troy Williamson Bowman
    Erasmus James Bowman
    Dustin Fox Bowman
    Ciatrick Fason Bowman

    Total BV $7.50

    I just checked and i dont need the gallery anymore. but i am very interested in the ben gordon RC's. LMK if theres anything else you see

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    do you have any duncan base/inserts? I have a bunch of 05-06 for trade. Check my site and lmk if you have any duncans.

    just is about 90% updated. I don't have all of my stuff since i am deployed over in iraq but i have all my 05-06 stuff cuz i have been busting cases like crazy.

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