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    Question Who do the Chiefs select with the #1 pick in the draft?

    Who do you think they go with? Luke Joeckel? Geno Smith? Leon Sandcastle? Somebody else?
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    need to trade out of it. they got to many holes to fill for just one pick.

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    Yea I think they should trade it. Hahahah Leon Sandcastle!!!! I love that commercial

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    I believe they should trade their first pick, but what team is going to NEED the first pick out of this draft class?

    -Robert Lewis

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    I really don't think the Chiefs have that many holes. Top 5 running game last year, and a decent WR if they keep Bowe. Defense wasn't terrible either, but could use a run-stopper. Their #1 need is a QB. And I think one could argue that if they had a good QB last year, they would have been in the mix for a Wild Card spot. While it wouldn't hurt to get someone that can stop the run, these guys aren't impossible to find in the 2nd or 3rd round, or even in free agency for that matter. And they could also use a solid #2 across from Bowe, but again, not something that is impossible to find in the mid-rounds or FA.

    All that being said, I'm not sure there are any QB's worth taking #1 overall in this draft. But I don't think a trade down is necessary, they don't have that many holes in my opinion.

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    I think the Chiefs would love it if somebody was stupid enough to jump on the #1 pick and trade them a ton to get it but I don't see that happening with this non top heavy draft. Making a leap to get somebody like RGIII makes sense but I don't see something like that happening this year. The Chiefs have a pretty good roster for a team that finished with the worst record so that kinda complicates the matter. They don't really have an immediate need that would get filled with the pick and there doesn't seem to be any interest from other teams to trade for it either.
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    Trade out of it. An OL isnt going to solve their problems

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    if they were smart they would trade the #1 pick to the seahawks for flynn and the hawks first round pick or something of that nature. that would greatly boost their main pressing need and give them a chance to still pick up another receiver to replace bowe.

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    Bears need a great OL player, I think they would be interested.

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    The will do something stupid like draft Geno Smith and then spend the next 4 years trying to make him a franchise QB and wondering why it doesn't work.

    Any move that involves trading down for them is a good one. They have needs at QB, WR and TE and could use some help at DE, FS and LB. Problem is that none of those positions have value at the #1 pick. Taking Joeckel at #1 probably makes the most sense if they keep the pick so that they can protect the blindside of whoever they have at QB. However, Andy Reid can't win without a franchise QB and he will take Smith #1 overall in hopes that he is a better QB than everyone can see he is, because he knows that his time in KC will be short without a game changer under center.

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