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Thread: FS: Entire Collection

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    FS: Entire Collection

    I am going away to college and want to get rid of my cards so they aren't a burden on my parents, I might eventually update this thread with pictures and a better list, but for now just pm me and ask, I will try to respond ASAP

    GU/Autograph List:
    07-08 Artifacts Autofacts Channing Frye
    09-10 UD Game Materials Larry Hughes
    09-10 UD Game Materials Wilson Chandler
    08-09 UD Game Jersey Chris Bosh
    08-09 Topps Chrome Retro Rudy Gay Auto 185/390
    09-10 Panini Prestige Darren Collison Prestigious Picks GU
    09-10 Limited Decade Dominance Isiah Thomas GU 1/10
    09-10 Panini Threads Omri Casspi Letterman Patch Auto “S” 148/660
    09-10 Contenders ROY Contenders Auto Omri Casspi 16/25
    09-10 Topps Roundball Remnants Carl Landry GU
    09-10 Limited Jumbo Jersey/Auto Chase Budinger 9/49
    05-06 Topps All Star Rally GU/Auto Steve Nash 77/199
    09-10 Court Kings John Stockton Dribble Kings GU 133/299
    08-09 NBA Radiance Kiki Vandeweghe Sweet Shot On Ball Auto
    05-06 SPx Winning Combos Richard Jefferson/Jason Kidd GU
    06-07 SP Signature Edition 3 Star Auto Emeka Oakafor/Josh Boone/Donyell Marshall 14/25
    07-08 NBA SPx Freshman Tandems Sean Williams/Jared Dudley GU
    09-10 UD VS Materials Kevin McHale/Bernard King 537/551
    07-08 Topps Co-Signers Tri-Signers Buck Williams/Otis Birdsong/Michael Ray Richardson 3/5
    09-10 SP Game Used 3 Star Swatches Carmelo Anthony/Vince Carter/Shawn Marion 211/299
    09-10 SP Game Used Combo Materials Chris Bosh/Vince Carter 123/499
    07-08 UD Premier Rare Remnants Quad Richard Jefferson/Vince Carter/Jason Kidd/Sean Williams 44/50
    07-08 Bowman Sterling Dual Autograph Relic Vince Carter/Antawn Jamison 29/85
    06-07 Fleer Ex ConnEXions Vince Carter/Nenad Krstic GU 110/199
    06-07 Hot Prospects Double Team Patches Jason Kidd/Vince Carter 1/10
    09-10 UD VS Materials Patrick Ewing/Mark Eaton 137/150
    06-07 Luxury Box 5 GU Al Jefferson/Richard Jefferson/Chris Webber/Frye/Mo Peterson 165/179
    05-06 Luxury Box 7 GU Kobe/Ben Wallace/Jason Kidd/Camby/Iverson/McGrady/Wade 55/140
    08-09 Topps Treasury Devin Harris GU
    09-10 Exquisite Extra Exquisite Jumbo Jersey Devin Harris 31/50
    08-09 UD Radiance Sweet Shot On Ball Auto Devin Harris
    09-10 Panini Threads Die Cut Jersey Auto Devin Harris 6/25
    09-10 Elite Clutch Performers Patch (3 color) Devin Harris 32/50
    08-09 Exquisite Rookie Auto/Patch (4 color) Chris Douglas-Roberts 103/225 SOLD
    09-10 SP GU Auto/GU Signature Fabrics Chris Douglas-Roberts SOLD
    08-09 UD Same Day Signatures Auto Chris Douglas-Roberts SOLD
    08-09 Topps Chrome Refractor RC Auto Chris Douglas-Roberts 351/795 SOLD
    09-10 UD Signature Collection Chris Douglas-Roberts SOLD
    05-06 Reflections Future GU Antoine Wright 79/100
    06-07 Bowman Chrome RC Auto Marcus Williams
    06-07 Bowman Sterling RC GU/Auto Marcus Williams
    02-03 Hardcourt Commemoratives Auto on plexiglass?
    02-03 UD Signs of Success NBA Championship Drive GU/Auto Kenyon Martin 125/225
    08-09 Exquisite RC Patch (3 color)/Auto Ryan Anderson 154/225
    08-09 Ultimate Dual Signatures Ryan Anderson/Josh Boone 6/25
    08-09 SPx Freshman Orientation Ryan Anderson RC GU
    09-10 UD Signature Collection Ryan Anderson Auto
    08-09 Topps Hardwood Patch(3 color 4 break)/Auto Jumbo Jersey RC 9/50
    08-09 Topps Chrome RC Auto Refractor Ryan Anderson 182/476
    06-07 UD Reserve Jason Kidd GU
    06-07 NBA Trilogy Autofocus Auto Jason Kidd
    07-08 Artifacts Divisional GU Jason Kidd 94/250
    05-06 UD Sportscenter Swatches Jason Kidd
    06-07 Ultimate Collection Jason Kidd Auto
    02-03 Fleer Flair Court Kings Jason Kidd GU
    07-08 UD Jason Kidd GU
    04-05 Authentix Auto/Jersey Jason Kidd 2/50
    05-06 Topps Picture Perfect Patch (3 color, 5 Breaks) Josh Boone 38/50
    07-08 Fleer NBA Classics Sean Williams GU
    Topps Stadium Club Full Court Press GU Sean Williams 274/499
    07-08 NBA Chronology Stitches in Time RC Patch/Auto (4 colors) 33/35
    07-08 Topps Finest Sean Williams Yellow Printing Plate Auto 1/1
    06-07 SP Authentic Rookie Authentics Auto/Patch (2 color, 4 breaks) Josh Boone 21/30
    09-10 SP GU SIGnifigance Auto Josh Boone
    08-09 SP Authentic Vital Signs Josh Boone Auto
    07-08 Bowman Sterling Josh Boone GU
    06-07 Hot Prospects Josh Boone Auto/Jersey 85/250
    06-07 SP Signature Edition Rookie Graphics Josh Boone 25/25
    01-02 SP Gamefloor Gamefloor Stephon Marbury
    09-10 UD Game Materials Maurice Ager
    99-00 Fleer Ultra Fresh Ink Stephon Marbury 130/400
    07-08 Bowman Sterling Mile Ilic Auto
    01-02 UD Hardcourt Game Floor/Game Film Stephen Jackson
    06-07 SPx Winning Materials Nenad Krstic
    04-05 SP Signature Edition Rookie Graphiti Nenad Krstic 52/200
    04-05 SP Authentic Nenad Krstic Rookie Auto
    06-07 Bowman Sterling Hassan Adams RC Auto
    06-07 Topps Trademarks Moves Rookie Auto Lvl 2 Hassan Adams 45/75
    06-07 Topps Finest Hassan Adams RC Auto
    06-07 UD Sweet Shots On-Ball Auto Hassan Adams 177/799
    06-07 Hot Prospects Hassan Adams Rookie Auto
    05-06 Luxury Box Antoine Wright RC Auto One Man Show 93/426
    08-09 Topps Signature Yi Jianlian Auto 762/6225
    09-10 Topps Roundball Remnants Yi Jianlian
    07-08 Chronology Rick Barry My Generation Auto 65/65
    01-02 Fleer Genuine Keith Van Horn GU
    07-08 Exquisite Limited Logos Patch/Auto (4 colors, top of N and E)
    06-07 Topps Luxury Box Richard Jefferson GU 138/349
    05-06 Topps Chrome Chrometown Heroes Richard Jefferson GU 837/1000
    01-02 Hot Prospects Authentic Cut Signature Richard Jefferson
    06-07 SP Signature Edition Inkscriptions Richard Jefferson “Zona” 16/50
    04-05 Ultimate Collection Buyback Auto Spx Winning Materials Richard Jefferson Hand Numbered 11/15
    05-06 NBA Reflections Richard Jefferson GU
    04-05 Topps Chrome Verticality Richard Jefferson GU
    08-09 UD GU Richard Jefferson
    06-07 SPx Flashback Fabrics GU Richard Jefferson
    07-08 Topps Stadium Club Full Court Press GU 33/199
    05-06 UD Black Diamond Double Diamond Jersey Richard Jefferson 144/250
    04-05 Fleer Sweet Sigs On Ball Auto Richard Jefferson 11/200
    03-04 Ultimate Collection “Jersey”(got a silver stripe through blue swatch) Richard Jefferson 146/200
    05-06 Topps Finest Richard Jefferson GU White Refractor 96/179
    09-10 Panini Prestige Terrence Williams Auto 62/100
    09-10 Panini Elire RC Auto Terrence Williams 143/499
    09-10 Panini Prestige Terrence Williams Auto 66/100
    09-10 Limited Terrence Williams Auto/GU 204/299
    09-10 Panini Prestige Draft Night On Card Auto Terrence Willaims RC Auto
    06-07 Topps Full Court Co-Signers Auto Marcus Williams/Vince Carter
    07-08 Ultimate Collection Vince Carter Ultimate Materials
    08-09 Exquisite Inscriptions Auto Vince Carter “Sanity” 8/50
    07-08 UD Premier Noteworthy Auto 3/51 Vince Carter
    07-08 Topps Stadium Club Beam Team GU Vince Carter
    07-08 Topps Trademarks Moves Vince Carter Auto 12/49
    09-10 SP Signature Edition 2 Star Signatures Kenny Anderson/Spud Webb 40/60
    08-09 SPx Winning Materials Combo Patch (2 3 color 3 break patches) Devin Harris/Vince Carter 21/25

    Brook Lopez Section:
    08-09 UD Premier GU/Auto 133/199
    08-09 Ultimate Rookie Jumbo Jersey/Auto 66/150
    08-09 UD Black Vince Carter/Brook Lopez Dual Dual Patches/Auto 10/15 check this out on photobucket, this card is best seen more than described SOLD
    08-09 UD Premier Dual Rookie Patch x2 with Robin Lopez, One of them has normal patches, for one the Suns logo is the patch, once again check photobucket for this, its sick
    08-09 UD Exquisite Prime Patch (3 color, 4 break) 4/50
    08-09 UD Black Auto on GU 47/50
    08-09 Hardwood Patch/Jumbo GU with auto on it 49/50
    08-9 SPx Freshman Orientation GU
    07-08 Exquisite Tri Auto Alexander/Thompson 125/199
    08-09 Fleer Throwback Classics GU
    08-09 Skybox Rookie Prevue GU
    08-09 Exquisite RC Auto/Patch (3 color 6 break)
    09-10 Multimarks with Sean Williams
    08-09 Exquisite Gold RC 3/25
    09-10 Multimarks with Shelden Williams
    08-09 Topps Murad Mini Rookie Auto with Frame 8/25
    08-09 UD Premier Impressions Auto 34/50
    08-09 Ultimate Initiation Writes 16/25
    08-09 SPx Dual Scripts with Robin 4/50
    08-09 Topps Treasury RC Auto
    08-09 Bowman Draft Picks and Stars 2 GU 15/399
    09-10 SP GU SIGnifigance Auto
    08-09 Ultimate Foursomes VC/CDR/Devin Harris GU 27/35
    08-09 Hot Prospects Patch Auto (4 color) 191/399
    Notable Non GU/Auto:
    09-10 Exquisite RC Terrence Williams 27/225
    08-09 Exquisite Base Vince Carter 70/125
    09-10 Topps Printing Plate Yellow Tony Battie 1/1
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    Found my bucket with most of my nice stuff, got a few good offers and inquiries so far, keep them coming!

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    What are you needing for the entire bucket


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    Yes, PM a price for all, thanks
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    I no longer buy from ANYONE unless it is through paypal. Thanks for your understanding.

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    how much for the taj gibson patch?
    I collect Bulls Autos and Patches!!!!
    BullsPC:Hidden Content
    For Trade:Hidden Content
    Mixed Sports FT: Hidden Content

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    hi! PM sent :)
    Please check my bucket: Hidden Content

    And here's my wantlist: Hidden Content

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    send me needs on the kidd autos and the dual carter/ jaminson autos

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