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    Question for Vancouverites Re: Collector's Den, Richmond

    Hey guys,
    I'm headed down to Vancouver in April for the game against Detroit as a birthday present for my dad. While we're down there, we want to work in a trip down to Lansdowne Mall to check out Collector's Den. We always stay at Metrotown in Burnaby when we're down there, so we've seen the little satellite store they have there. I've heard good things from good people about the Richmond store, so I have a couple of questions for Vancouverites or anyone who knows the area/store well enough. Thanks.

    1 - To get to Lansdowne, just take skytrain to Waterfront and hop on the Canada Line, correct? That's what Translink says, though Google Earth is telling me to walk from Stadium/Chinatown to Yaletown. That seems stupid.

    2 - I'm more looking for memorabilia than cards. I don't want anything too huge, since I have to get back to the hotel on the train, but a signed 8x10 or something. Small but nice and not necessarily Canucks. Is their selection for that type of stuff decent, or are they more jerseys and hats and stuff?

    3 - Their Saturday (game day) hours...I can't get into their website to find out.

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    1. That seems like the best option. I do know that you can take the bus from metro town to Richmond centre (aka Richmond Brighouse), get off there and then just follow the canada line tracks and walk to lansdowne..which is only a 5 minute walk. But I think the best way if you're not familiar with the city is to take the sky train to waterfront and then transfer to the canada line.

    2. Iv seen 8 x 10 photos in their show case but I believe last time I checked most of them were $45?? I remember there were naslund, Brett hull and I forget the rest but they had a pretty decent amount.. last time I checked was around a year ago so they might not have em anymore.

    3. They close at 6:00 on Saturdays.

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    Is it open back up yet? I went there last month but it was closed for remodeling or something.

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    I still think the Richmond one is closed. Talked with the owner at the Burnaby some time ago and they said they are closed for now and may remain closed.
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    Its closed.

    Not sure for how long, but I went to the mall a few days ago and it wasnt open
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    I called the Metro town shop and they weren't sure when or even if it was reopening.

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