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    if there are just the three rares, I think I will pass on the lot, thanks though
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    anything today?
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    I have hundreds and hundreds of common and uncommon, no rares though. I am looking to pretty much all of them. For my player collections I am looking for Rickey Henderson and Sean Casey/ Other than that I will take any and all low end 'junk' autos and GU from all sports.

    Rickey Henderson stats. 1904/7042 = 27.71% 169 GU, 7 Auto
    Sean Casey stats. 1103/2672 = 41.28% 120 GU, 56 AutoHidden Content
    Hidden Content Hidden Content

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    dont really have any of those guys, and Im mostly interested in rares, at least some, so I will have to pass on the commons and uncommons- I have more than enough of those myself
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    Here is a short list of some Rares that I have. I have to get the rest out of storage in a few days if you're interested. I'm looking for Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw for my collection. Lmk what you think, Thanks!


    (Rare)Cover of Darkness
    (Rare)Doomed Necromancer
    (Rare)Ebonblade Reaper
    (Rare)Grand Melee
    (Rare)Harsh Mercy
    (Rare)Quicksilver Dragon
    (Rare)Tempted Wurm
    (Rare)Trade Secrets
    (Rare)Weathered Wayfarer
    (Rare)Words of War

    Mountain Foil
    Swamp Foil


    (Rare)Beacon of Destiny
    (Rare)Celestial Gatekeeper
    (Rare)Dermoplasm x3
    (Rare)Dreamborn Muse x2
    (Rare)Drinker of Sorrow x2
    (Rare)Elvish Soultiller x3
    (Rare)Feral Throwback
    (Rare)Ghastly Remains
    (Rare)Graveborn Muse
    (Rare)Keeper of the Nine Gates
    (Rare)Kilnmouth Dragon x2
    (Rare)Krosan Cloudscraper
    (Rare)Phage The Untouchable
    (Rare)Riptide Director
    (Rare)Riptide Mangler
    (Rare)Rockshard Elemental
    (Rare)Sunstrike Legionnaire
    (Rare)Synapse Sliver x2
    (Rare)Vexing Beetle
    (Rare)Vexing Beetle Foil


    (Rare)Cabal Conditioning x2
    (Rare)Dawn Elemental
    (Rare)Decree of Annihilation x2
    (Rare)Decree of Pain
    (Rare)Decree of Savagery x3
    (Rare)Dimensional Breach
    (Rare)Eternal Dragon
    (Rare)Exiled Doomsayer
    (Rare)Faces of the Past x2
    (Rare)Final Punishment
    (Rare)Form of the Dragon
    (Rare)Grip of Chaos
    (Rare)Mind’s Desire
    (Rare)Primitive Etchings
    (Rare)Raven Guild Master
    (Rare)Root Elemental
    (Rare)Soul Collector
    (Rare)Stabilizer x2
    (Rare)Trap Digger


    (Rare)Cephalid Constable
    (Rare)Commander Eesha x2
    (Rare)Epic Struggle
    (Rare)Masked Gorgon
    (Rare)Shaman’s Trance
    (Rare)Test of Endurance x2


    (Rare)Nantuko Blightcutter


    (Rare)Kamahl, Pit Fighter
    (Rare)Pardic Miner

    7th Edition

    (Rare)Ancient Silverback
    (Rare)Elite Archers
    (Rare)Fleeting Image
    (Rare)Lord of Atlantis
    (Rare)Western Paladin

    Champions of Kamigawa-

    (Rare)Azami, Lady of Scrolls
    (Rare)Hair-Strung Koto
    (Rare)Hold the Line
    (Rare)Through the Breach

    Betrayers of Kamigawa-

    (Rare)Higure, the Still Wind
    (Rare)Kodama of the Center Tree

    Saviors of Kamigawa-

    (Rare)One with Nothing
    (Rare)Seed the Land

    Dark Steel-

    (Rare)Mephitic Ooze


    (Rare)Vulshok Battlemaster

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