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    Great new additions to my Cup Rookie PC!

    Hi everyone,

    I made the executive decision last week to change up my collection. I had a jumble of things but am not really the type of guy to collect cards that don't have a theme or purpose. For that reason, I liquidated a lot of my stuff to start again with the Cup.

    On the incoming list I have:

    Callahan 3C Cup,

    But as for what I've got now, I think I'm really off to a good start.

    Craig Smith Cup RC with a great patch

    Brad Marchand 3C

    Bobby Ryan 3C

    Perron 4C

    Shattenkirk 3C

    Got these Markstroms back!

    Wheeler Cup /99

    Now for some of the bigger guys...

    Giroux Cup (barely 3c)

    Leblanc Cup 3C /99

    Subban Cup 3C /99

    Landeskog Cup /99

    and Finally...

    Tavares Cup /99

    Feb 23 Update:

    Varlamov Cup /199

    Couture Cup /249

    Kane Cup /249

    JVR Cup /99

    Thanks for the look and hope to add more soon!

    My bucket:

    Hidden Content

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    I have a tom gilbert cup 3c if ur interested

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    You already probably know but those JVR's are harder to come by than the Tavares! there is a "hoarder with 40+ of those JVR's /99

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    just want to share you my 5 kanes.. enjoi them matt (if you own or saw any kanes at least 4 clrs..let me know)

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