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    3 Strata and 1 Contenders Blaster

    Had to see if my luck continued so I went to another Target and got the last 3 Strata blasters and 1 of the last 2 Contenders blasters. The other Contenders blaster had the shrink wrap off. There were 5 packs in the box but I didn't inspect to see if they had been opened and the auto card and other good cards pilfered. Out of the Strata boxes I managed RC's of Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Trent Richardson, and Ryan Tannehill among others. I also got 2 auto's out of the 3 boxes. 1 being a Michael Egnew and the other being a T.Y Hilton #'d 01/25. I didn't expect a decent auto out of the contenders and was not disappointed as I snagged another George Iloka for the collection. All was not lost though as I got an Andrew Luck die-cut ROY Contenders and a Rookie of the Week Week 5 Winner card of Andrew Luck. Being as Chrome are becoming impossible to find I may have found a substitute in Strata for now.

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    Congrats! I purchased one Strata blaster and hit clear cut Egnew auto, but the risk on those is so high(some blaster's don't even have a insert) that I chose to wait for Magic. Looks like you got the hot hand though!

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    Any LaMichael James? If so what Rookies or vets you looking for them?
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    Awesome hit on Hilton!


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    Hey Patrick!! Nice Hit On That Hilton Auto!!! I Would REALLY Be Interested In That Hilton Auto & That Luck Week 5 Winner Card. LMK What Ya Would Need In Trade OR If Ya Would Sell What Kinda $$ Would Ya Need.


    Thanks, John

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    wow you really beat the odds with those blasters. strata put a bad taste in my mouth this year
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    Thanks guys but like most of my trips to the casino I could not quit ahead so to speak. lol made a late night trip to walmart and stunk up the joint with how bad the blasters were. I bought like 10 and stopped after 5 to go to bed because they were so bad. Maybe I should just stick to buying from Target. lol.

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    i would stick with target. i never pull anything from walmart blasters for some reason. going to target instead of walmart is like going to the hobby shop instead of target. thats how its been for me anyway

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    Another plus for Target is you can save 5% with their Red Card.

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